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EAB Partners with Mantra Health to Connect College Students with Proven Mental Health Support

Partnership reflects the importance of mental health to student success

January 8, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – January 8, 2024 – Higher education research and technology company EAB announced today it has selected Mantra Health, the preeminent digital mental health provider for higher education, as its Strategic Mental Health and Wellness Partner. EAB will work with its own vast network of college and university partners to integrate Mantra’s mental health resources and services into EAB’s industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) technology, including Navigate360, used by millions of students at hundreds of institutions.

Navigate360 helps students persist, graduate, and achieve their education and workforce goals with integrated staff workflow features, analytics and reporting capabilities, and a student engagement app. More than 125 campuses rely on Mantra for its mental health and wellness solution, which includes virtual therapy, psychiatry, 24/7 crisis care, on-demand emotional support, peer-to-peer support, emotional wellness coaching, and self-care content modules.

This partnership will enable joint EAB and Mantra partner schools to include Mantra’s comprehensive mental health services in their broader student success strategies. By doing so, colleges can increase students’ access to emotional support and boost student retention and academic achievement.

“Research shows that mental health has a profound impact on student success,” said Scott Schirmeier, President of EAB Technology. “EAB’s partnership with Mantra can help our higher education partners infuse more mental health resources into their Coordinated Care Networks. By doing so, colleges can increase access to and adoption of high-quality care—and support students’ well-being and lifelong success.”

Student well-being is critical to student success, according to a 2023 Gallup-Lumina Foundation report that showed emotional stress and mental health concerns are the top two reasons students consider dropping out.

“An alarming treatment gap still exists today on college campuses. Students across the nation are underperforming academically and dropping out due to a lack of access to care,” said Ed Gaussen, Co-Founder and President of Mantra Health. “This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in addressing this issue, as it establishes fluid channels for prompt access to mental health resources directly within Navigate360, facilitating immediate intervention and support.”

Joint partner institutions will gain access to resources and support to help them use their current technology to connect more students with scalable mental health resources. For example, schools can leverage tools such as messaging campaigns or in-app to-do lists to proactively connect specific student groups to mental health support at key times across the term.

“There is a well-documented and worsening mental health crisis on college campuses, which requires a coordinated and systematic response,” said Les P. Cook, EdD, Chancellor at Montana Technological University. “We are excited to work with EAB and Mantra to foster an environment where students not only persist on campus but thrive academically and emotionally.”

EAB and Mantra Health will detail how their partnership supports students’ well-being in a joint webinar on January 9, 2023, at 2 p.m. ET and at EAB’s flagship student success conference, CONNECTED24, which will be held on January 21–23, 2024, in Denver, Colorado.

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About Mantra Health

Mantra Health is an award-winning mental health and wellness provider for colleges and universities. On a mission to make evidence-based mental health care more accessible to students, Mantra Health partners with higher education institutions to provide undergraduate and graduate students with virtual therapy, psychiatry, 24/7 crisis care, on-demand emotional support, peer-to-peer support, emotional wellness coaching, and self-care content modules. Through augmenting campus partners with high-quality, evidence-based clinical services with seamless campus integrations, Mantra Health improves student well-being while increasing student persistence. The company was named a Rising Star by the 2022 UCSF Health Hub Digital Health Awards in Mental & Behavioral Health and in 2023 won Juniper Research’s Gold Star award for Best Digital Therapeutic Solution. Mantra Health solutions have been deployed across more than 125 college and university campuses, including Penn State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Miami Dade College, and Cornell University, serving more than 800,000 students. To learn more about Mantra Health, visit