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Milwaukee Area Colleges Commit to National “Moon Shot for Equity”

EAB launches initiative to erase equity gaps in college completion for underserved student populations

October 20, 2020

Education firm EAB today announced the launch of “Moon Shot for Equity,” an initiative that aims to close equity gaps within regional cohorts of two- and four-year colleges and universities by 2030. Participating institutions will work together and with EAB to help more underrepresented students of color and other historically underserved populations graduate from college. The first regional consortium of institutions to commit to Moon Shot for Equity includes the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Carthage College, and University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The four schools announced their commitment to the project in a joint statement earlier today.

“NASA’s original moon shot proved that Americans can overcome nearly any obstacle if we fully commit ourselves and work together in innovative ways,” said EAB Chief Executive Officer David Felsenthal. “Through the Moon Shot for Equity, regions such as Greater Milwaukee will confront racial inequality in college completion and at the same time boost economic recovery in their communities by producing more college graduates.”

Participating schools will receive expert guidance from national Moon Shot mentors Georgia State University and Houston GPS. EAB will provide schools with research, technology, and advisory services.

“EAB’s focus on research-based, proven practices makes the Moon Shot for Equity a powerful catalyst to erase equity gaps in higher education,” said Tim Renick, GSU’s Senior VP for Enrollment and Student Success. “I am excited by the opportunity to share our experiences at Georgia State with other student success leaders—and to turn local victories into a national solution.”

“More than one dozen schools in Houston decided just a few short years ago to work toward a similar shared goal,” said Paula Short, Senior Vice Chancellor of the University of Houston System and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at the University of Houston. “Much progress has been made at Houston GPS inaugural institutions toward improving student success outcomes. Across two-year and four-year institutions, graduation rates and retention rates have increased, first-year course completion has risen, and students are graduating with fewer excess credits. We are delighted to work with EAB to help other schools and regions close equity gaps.”

Participating institutions will also partner with local high schools and community-based organizations to help more underserved students attend college by providing them with resources and information on how to identify best-fit universities, search for scholarships, and connect with counselors. These resources, offered through College Greenlight, will be provided free of charge.

All colleges or higher education systems that participate in the Moon Shot project will receive equity-mindedness training from outside experts and implement 15 research-based best practices proven to remove systemic barriers to success. Participating schools must also collaborate to establish common academic pathways to facilitate student transfers between two- and four-year institutions.

EAB is currently accepting applications from additional colleges and universities across the nation interested in participating. The company is also inviting philanthropic institutions and corporate partners to help expand the project to new regions.

“We’re scouring the country for leaders who are committed to closing equity gaps and who are ready to deploy proven student success strategies to make that happen,” added EAB Vice President of Partnerships Tom Sugar. “It is time to take what we’ve learned at Georgia State University and elsewhere and work together to completely and sustainably erase equity gaps in higher education attainment.”

About EAB

At EAB, our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger. We harness the collective power of more than 1,900 schools, colleges, and universities to uncover and apply proven practices and transformative insights. And since complex problems require multifaceted solutions, we work with each school differently to apply these insights through a customized blend of research, technology, and services. From kindergarten to college and beyond, EAB partners with education leaders, practitioners, and staffs to accelerate progress and drive results across three key areas: enrollment management, student success, and institutional operations and strategy.

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