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Professional Development

We Offer Learning and Development Opportunities for All Employees

  • New-Hire Orientation

    All employees experience Orientation@EAB, designed to help new hires understand our mission and values, firm strategy, products and departments, and industry.

  • Role-Specific Onboarding

    New employees go through role and department-specific onboarding to accelerate their learning and integration, and ensure they receive all necessary information.

  • Continuous Learning

    We offer continuous learning programs designed to help staff elevate their performance in role-specific competencies, broaden their understanding of EAB’s various products, and expand their education industry knowledge.

  • Management Training

    All managers join our cohort-based development program, Manage@EAB, designed to provide foundational skills and strategies to elevate their effectiveness.

  • Professional Growth

    All employees have access to development-focused programs that help staff build better careers through skill development, mentorship, career pathing, and more.

  • Performance Management

    Employees go through a structured review cycle, which includes downward, self, upward and peer reviews to reflect on past performance and set goals for the future.

Our Career Development Philosophy

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