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Virtual Tours

With fewer students physically visiting before applying, institutions need a virtual tour that can differentiate, convey culture, and tell their unique story. Supplement visits by letting prospective students explore your campus from anywhere on any device.

Our Capabilities

Immersive 360

Flat media falls flat with Gen Z. They have higher and different expectations of digital experiences. Give them immersive content that allows them to explore.
  • The average edu website visit is 2.4 minutes, while EAB virtual tour visits are on average 10 minutes
“Our virtual tour is a huge complement to our marketing plan. Not only can we tell a story about our institution, prospective students can see our beautiful campus” -David Barron, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services, Augusta University

Interactive Elements

Layer additional media, like photos and videos on top of 360 photos. These clickable elements encourage participation and support visual learning.
  • Virtual tour partners’ physical visits increase by up to 27%
“Having the ability for students to immersive themselves contributed to their making an informed decision. We’ll continue to use our YouVisit virtual experience to its fullest advantage.” -Christopher Wright, Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Inquiry Forms

Real-time virtual tour visitor engagement determines the optimal moment to display calls to action. This moves students to the next step in your recruitment process.
  • Quality inquiries increase by as much as 18%
“Prospects generated by YouVisit converted to enrolled students at a higher rate.” -Lisa Meckley, Director of Enrollment Communications, UNC Charlotte

Engaging prospective students requires
engaging content

Interactive Content

The ultimate virtual tour

Engaging prospective students requires engaging content. Our virtual campus tours go way beyond what other tour or map vendors provide. This is possible through the combination of proprietary technology and our award-winning studio production teams.

In addition to delivering unparalleled engagement virtual tours provide meaningful data. This data is transformed into actionable insights that are leveraged to deliver the optimal results across enrollment marketing programs.

Meaningful engagement delivers results

Integrating immersive virtual tours into enrollment marketing programs drives meaningful engagement. Interactive digital exploration convert a visitor’s interest into intent and consideration through experiential learning. 

Email programs that leverage virtual tours see, on average, a 7.5% increase in respondents. Mailers that contain URLs to tours can see up to a 14% increase in respondents. Respondents who engage with tours, vs those who did not, apply at 73% higher rate.

Research & Insights

Which markets will yield the best results?

Leveraging over 236 million student online interactions, our Student Mobility Report provides actionable insights to help guide your program and marketing strategy.
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Traditional content cannot tell your campuses story or evoke the emotional reaction a student has when physically experiencing it. Learn how interactive virtual content is helping to differentiate campuses and actually increase the number of campus visits.

In this enrollment environment, leaders need real-time visibility into competitive market dynamics and shifting student trends. Fueled by the industry's largest data asset — built from 1.5+ billion student interactions — our Enrollment Services offering combines smart recruitment marketing and prescriptive analytics with strategic support to help colleges fulfill their enrollment mission.

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