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Website Design and Development

All roads lead to the college website for today’s students and their influential parents. Not only do students cite the college website as their top information source, they also have high expectations when it comes to your digital presence. Work with us to create a website that impresses your visitors and inspires them to act.

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1. Targeted Website Support

At EAB, we believe that content should be dimensional, immersive, and engaging. By leveraging our team of content strategists, our one-of-a-kind Interactive Web Content, and our audience analytics, we can design a website experience that captivates your audience and inflects your most critical KPIs.

To the left is a sample of our Interactive Web Content, which can be seamlessly embedded on any webpage.

On average, partners see a 38% increase in time on page when Interactive Web Content is present.

2. Comprehensive Website Support

Although content is a powerful influencer, there are times when a school needs to rethink how their entire website works together to engage prospective students. EAB can work with you to develop and execute on a comprehensive plan that is grounded in audience research, reflects best practices in student recruitment, and brings your unique brand to life.  

To the right is a sample of our comprehensive website design and development work. This university wanted to enhance their graduate website experience and drive greater graduate enrollment activity.

Shortly after redesign, this partner saw a 54% increase in unique users, and a 23% reduction in bounce rate.

Our award-winning team is ready to serve you

Our EAB Agency Services team is ready to serve you and includes experts in content strategy, audience insights, experience design, and overall web strategy. And now, with the addition of YouVisit, we also have an award-winning studios team that is unparalleled in their ability to create immersive, student-centric content.

Additional Services
SEO & User Experience Audit
Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases quality traffic and pulls in stealth prospects. Strong User Experience (UX) increases user goal completion and encourages desired actions. EAB’s comprehensive SEO and UX website audit identifies specific actions that will increase your visibility on popular search engines and ensure your website is performing well when users interact with it.
Paid Search
Efficiently generating and converting leads through paid search begins with understanding prospective student behavior – what motivates students to search, to engage, to act. EAB’s paid search approach builds audiences and qualified leads top of funnel for specific academic programs and specific activities, such as applications, to ensure your school sits atop the consideration list regionally or nationally for a distinctive topic.

Research & Insights

Colleges and universities must leverage their website to appeal to prospective students. Access tools to help you design a website that is appealing, engaging, and ultimately effective at capturing market share in a competitive market.

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