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Tightened budgets are putting more pressure than ever on facilities leaders to strategically allocate their dollars, staff, and time. EAB can help you adapt, communicate across silos, and move from data to decisions.

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Providing senior facilities officers with the research, tools, and strategies needed to more effectively rationalize space use, improve utilization rates, shift towards preventative maintenance, and more.
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“EAB nails the current issues and challenges facing senior Facilities officers today. Excellent information, research, references, and presentation.” – Associate Vice President for Facilities Development and Management

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While critical for modernizing campus for functional and aesthetic reasons, the process for determining which capital projects are funded—and which are not—is complex and politically fraught.

As budgets tighten and campus needs change, the role of the Senior Facilities Officer (SFO) is evolving—and expanding. Based on interviews with 100+ Facilities leaders, this infographic highlights the five responsibilities demanding more and more SFO time. It also maps these roles to resources available on