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Each year, EAB asks academic affairs leaders to tell us about the challenges on their campuses. Based on those results, we identify the most pressing issues in order to execute actionable research studies. While provosts are intimately familiar with their own campuses’ issues, they lack confirmation that they have identified all potential threats or that […]

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For over a decade, colleges have relied on early alerts, submitted by faculty, to surface at-risk students and ultimately prevent them from slipping through the cracks. When successfully managed, early-alert programs can improve academic outcomes as well as retention and graduation rates. But too often, these programs have critical gaps that make them uncoordinated and […]

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It’s almost become old hat to say that the higher education economic model is “broken.” Unstable future revenues. Ballooning costs. For some, it’s survival at risk. But even the most fortunate are concerned that there won’t be sufficient budget to sustain excellence, much less fund new ambitions. Yet despite all the talk about an economic […]

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Ask any college or university what they’re doing to create the student experience of tomorrow, and they will rattle off the same experiential or highimpact practices: active learning, internships, undergraduate research, service learning, and the like. In the near term, higher ed leaders are focused on scaling these efforts to improve learning, persistence, and career […]

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Finding and enrolling right-fit students for your graduate and online programs is challenging in part because every adult learner has unique motivations, expectations, and timelines. Some prospective students research their options for three years and still choose employment over enrollment, while others will move from research to application in three months. To recruit adult learners, […]

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When institutions analyze their student success data, they often focus on common student success metrics like first-year retention and graduation rates. As these metrics are lagging indicators of institutional and student performance, academic leaders may not know the root causes of any given demographic disparity in their data. To help solve this problem, EAB has […]

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