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While most academic leaders think of advising, academics, or student affairs when thinking about student success, the administrative infrastructure of a campus has an equally key role to play. Many students will struggle even more if they must overcome a multitude of administrative and financial hurdles to progress toward graduation. The right policies, processes, and financial supports form the foundation for a broader student success strategy.

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Without effective data governance, campus leaders are left with inconsistent information across disparate silos, which limits their ability to generate useful analysis and to effectively secure sensitive information. Learn how IT leaders can collaborate across their institution to build enterprise-level data governance and maximize the value of their data assets.

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When done correctly, cluster hiring can balance departmental hiring needs with larger institutional research strategy. However, successful cluster hiring can often be resource-intensive, involve multiple stakeholders, and require ongoing support. Learn how to increase the effectiveness of cluster hiring by conducting thorough planning and clearly communicating across seven stages of the cluster hiring process.

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Finance and administration leaders are tracking more data than ever before, but many struggle to use it to inflect performance. In turn, some leaders are turning to management dashboards to better organize metrics. Dashboards are a proven tool that other industries, such as retail and finance, have long used to manage, track, and analyze data to inform decision-making.

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Higher education’s tough budgetary climate has heightened board and other stakeholders’ (for example, academic leaders, alumni, and parents) interest in their institutions’ financial health. In response, finance leaders are looking to build board-facing financial dashboards to meet rising stakeholder demands for financial information.

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We got our gift officers to start seeing more of their portfolios, but there was so little follow through it was almost like it didn’t matter. They’d find people to take visits, and they’d hit their visit goals, but the wheels were spinning and we weren’t going anywhere. We weren’t working through who we had and moving onto the […]

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