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Join us for an encore presentation of Dr. Christina Hubbard’s research on student-centric advising organization, first presented at CONNECTED21 – EAB’s student success conference – in November 2021. The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A with Dr. Hubbard.

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On most campuses, transformative student success work involves change: It often includes implementing new tools like Starfish or Navigate, redesigning advising or support processes, introducing new initiatives, or all of the above. Effective change management is essential for this important work to succeed, but many institutions struggle to overcome siloed structures and entrenched cultural resistance to change.

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The postsecondary landscape has grown dramatically more complex since the pandemic. The cost of college has never appeared so unattainable, and district’s postsecondary support systems—such as college counseling—are increasingly challenging to scale and adjust to the new barriers to college enrollment brought on by the pandemic. Both school counselors and district leaders play a critical role in helping students make informed postsecondary decisions.

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The pandemic transformed how institutions served students: through profound loneliness and loss, practitioners worked to connect students with the resources they needed to persist and pursued opportunities to improve the virtual student experience. In many cases, even the most skeptical campus partners were convinced that student success is about so much more than just what happens inside the classroom.

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Higher education’s evolution is ongoing—and it is underpinned by technology. As institutions continue to adapt to changing student needs and rapid technology innovation, they’re undergoing digital transformation. But continuous innovation is hard, and campus leaders must step up to put in place the practices and processes for supporting agile decision-making.

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