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Join Elise West (Starfish Product Manager), Chelsea Hunt (Starfish User Experience Designer), and Veronica Wooten (Starfish Services Consultant) to learn about the Students Can Close To-Dos With Review feature. We will demonstrate how to use and configure To-Dos that require review after a student requests closure.

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The annual CONNECTED conference is intended to bring institutions together to share best practices and lessons that they can implement when they return home to their campuses. Come hear how one institution, Goucher College, took immediate next steps to revamp their onboarding processes after attending the CONNECTED21 session “Embedding Technology in the New Student Onboarding Experience.”

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Join Starfish Strategic Leaders, Andrina Musser and Megan Speakman on September 6, 2022 to learn how to leverage strategic analytics dashboard to use past institutional data from first-year students to understand potential retention factors for the upcoming fall 2022 cohort. Attendees can expect to leave the session with step-by-step direction on using Student Explorer and Course Explorer to understand historical trends as well as recommendations to implement in Starfish today to take action and drive success with Cohort ‘22. 

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Join Starfish Strategic Leaders as they guide participants through investigating Starfish Reports and Macros and determining proper Starfish configurations to support data collection. These best practices will set the stage for successful data identification and collection. At the end of the term, these Starfish Strategic Leaders will host a follow-up session to support the analysis of the compiled data.

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