Event Type: Webconference

This pandemic will cause institutions to rethink their student support delivery models, understand gaps in their overall student success strategies, and learn new ways to collaborate in a crisis situation. EAB will give partners a chance to reflect on the strategies they and others within the collaborative employed to support students and their colleagues. The webconference will highlight leaders in virtual advising, remote management, and future planning while also setting the stage for more conversations about how to prepare for the fall amidst uncertainty.

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COVID-19 has erased nearly all stock market gains from the past three years while also causing sudden massive layoffs especially in the retail and service industries. These financial shocks will lead many students to wonder if they can continue their education in the summer or fall. It is imperative that student success leaders find ways to proactively communicate with those students in financial distress and identify those who may have unexpectedly become financially insecure. This webconference will offer ways that Navigate can facilitate student identification and communication regarding financial aid, basic needs, and other forms of support.

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COVID-19 has caused massive disruption to academic terms, course schedules, and most importantly, student, staff, and faculty lives. After academic and student success leaders transition out of short-term crisis management, they will have to ensure that students return for the next term and stay on track to graduation. This webconference will highlight practical ways to use Navigate that will help identify students in need of additional support, proactively connect students to resources, and get them back on their academic path to a degree.

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As advisors and other student success professionals respond to student questions and concerns, directors and more senior leaders want to ensure their teams have clear goals, deadlines, and expectations in this uncertain time. In this webconference, advising and student success leaders will receive guidance on how to manage a team remotely, including suggestions for efficient activity reporting, using Navigate to track critical student success data, and ensuring the wellbeing of your teams as they adjust to working from a distance.

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Institutions are increasingly focused on growing international engagement. Whether it’s boosting enrollment or increasing philanthropy, leaders agree that greater international collaboration is a boon for institutions. In this webinar, EAB experts will unpack how the changing global landscape is impacting these four areas of university operations..

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This session will highlight a variety of promotion tactics and successful examples that partner institutions have used for both staff and students. You’ll learn how to deepen engagement on campus by understanding your audience’s needs and preferences, using swag creatively and effectively, and incentivizing users by showing them how Navigate can make their lives easier.

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Progressive institutions are prioritizing strategies to help students develop the mindset and skills they need to succeed in college before they present in crisis. This session, originally presented at CONNECTED19, discusses how to prime students with resilience and mindset interventions as they transition to college, provide proactive support at high-stress

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