Event Type: Webconference

About the Webconference Presenter: Logan Morris Enrollment declines are forcing community colleges to reevaluate their current enrollment strategies. Many community college leaders have turned to strategic enrollment management (SEM) as the solution. This webconference will focus on the three key imperatives to crafting an effective SEM plan and showcase EAB’s new SEM plan framework. It […]

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About the Webconference Presenters: Jo Connelly and Delvin Dinkins In the third installment of the series, administrators at The Pingry School will join EAB to provide an in-depth look at their priority-focused interview schedule. We will discuss how this approach helps The Pingry School effectively assess candidates on the areas they have deemed most important […]

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About the Webconference Presenter: Jane Alexander This session will focus on preparing for controversial campus events, including a Q&A with expert practitioners on tools and practices to mitigate common risks. Attendees will learn the impact of disruptive events and how to better prepare on your campus. This session will also include an overview of how […]

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About the Webconference Presenters: Caitlin Blair and Joanne Connelly The second installment of the series will discuss how to create an evidenced-based hiring process. This session will share tactics for designing methods to measure and assess candidates on key criteria throughout the hiring process. It will also cover best practices on how to build assessment […]

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About the Webconference Presenter: Michael Fisher While total cost of ownership (TCO) investments can be made at any stage of a capital project, first and lifetime building costs are easiest to manage during the initial stages of a project. This webconference, the second in a three-part series, provides guidance on how facilities leaders can intervene […]

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About the Webconference Presenter: Scott Winslow To support the escalating number of students seeking on-campus support, student affairs leaders must prioritize ways to help students develop coping and resilience skills to succeed on campus. In this webconference, EAB will explore the tactics institutions are using to enhance students’ ability to bounce back from setbacks and […]

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About the Webconference Presenters: Lachezar Manasiev and Pamela Fine Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” has become a national conversation among school educators. The TV series explores the reasons why a fictional middle school student committed suicide. This conference will discuss how students at Oxford High School in Michigan started a project called, “13 Reasons Why Not,” […]

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About the Webconference Presenter: Jeff Martin In an era of astronomical campaign goals and tight advancement budgets, advancement leaders must find new ways to advocate for additional resources. EAB’s benchmarking service, the Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative, gives advancement leaders the data they need to make a compelling case for investment to senior institutional leaders. […]

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About the Webconference Presenters: Caitlin Blair and Jo Connelly The inaugural session of the series will provide an overview of EAB’s research process and introduce our Hiring Top Talent study. The session will focus on laying the foundation for effective hiring, including maximizing relevant technology, and on determining assessment criteria at the outset of the […]

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