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Fact vs. Myth: What All District Leaders Should Know and Do to Improve Virtual Teaching and Learning

This event has passed.

About the Webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar: Almost all district leaders report that last spring’s virtual teaching and learning experiment was a disaster. Many students didn’t log in, teachers felt unprepared, and not much learning took place. Again, nearly every district leader is faced with either all, or some hybrid or virtual learning this school year. Many leaders worry the problems from last spring will happen again.

This event will help district leaders identify the most common mistakes and lessons from last spring’s distance learning 1.0 experiment and learn relevant practices for improving virtual instruction. Some topics that we will cover include:

  • Increasing student access to online learning
  • Ensuring all students get the right pedagogy and content for virtual instruction
  • Getting and keeping students motivated and engaged in learning
  • Scaling online differentiate support across schools

Event Materials