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Use Financial Aid Data to Strategically Shape a Diverse Class: An Overview of EAB’s Financial Aid Optimization Tool

This event has passed.
Use EAB’s new Financial Aid Optimization tool to look at year-over-year financial aid data and whether your approach is helping to meet enrollment goals.

Watch the on-demand webinar on our YouTube Channel.

2020 has brought dramatic change to independent schools, as the COVID-19 pandemic and racial reckoning have impacted institutions across the US. These changes have also brought opportunity, as new public-school markets have opened, along with the chance for independent schools to shape their classes to fulfill their missions by becoming more racially diverse and socio-economically inclusive. Financial aid plays a crucial role in this process; more than just making independent schools more affordable, it acts as a lever to allow institutions to enroll the diverse students that they seek to fill their classes, shape their institutions, and fulfill their missions.

The goal of this webinar is to teach participants how to use EAB’s new Financial Aid Optimization tool to look at their school’s year-over-year financial aid data broken down by yield by income bands, to identify emerging trends about financial aid and enrollment yield. In doing so, directors of enrollment and financial aid will be able to challenge or confirm their assumptions about whether their approach to financial aid is working to help them meet enrollment goals. This session will mainly be didactic, with opportunities for participants to ask specific questions about the tool and general questions about financial aid optimization.