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2022 Roundtable for Senior Facilities Officers

There are no more upcoming sessions for this event.

Among the many lessons of the past two years is the discovery that, when the moment necessitates, colleges and universities can act quickly, address cross-campus problems, and adopt new technologies and policies. But as we settle into post-pandemic habits, the jury is out on whether transformational change can be sustained.

EAB convened senior Facilities leaders for our 2022 in-person executive roundtables to discuss how to maintain and continue to build on the momentum that’s been achieved. We also discussed how campuses’ physical footprint will evolve with new staff work preferences, environmental sustainability mandates, and technological tools.

Agenda highlights

EAB’s 2022 State of the Sector: Challenges for Higher Ed and Consequences for Facilities Organizations

We explored the current state of the higher education industry, sharing trends in the undergraduate non-consumer market, online graduate programs, talent, and more. We then discussed the specific challenges that Facilities and Estates teams are facing:

  • Challenge #1: The talent crunch
  • Challenge #2: Growing sustainability ambitions
  • Challenge #3: Reacting to hybrid work
  • Challenge #4: Designing (and operating) the spaces of the future campus

Strategic Sustainability: Three Questions Facilities Leaders Must Answer to Achieve Ambitious Green Goals

We went over the three questions Facilities teams need to consider to make progress on campus sustainability:

  • How will we achieve our carbon net zero goals?
  • What’s the right balance between costs and ROI?
  • How can we engage the broader campus community on sustainability efforts?

Campus 2030: Making Smart Investments in Tomorrow’s Multi-Modal Campus

We discussed how student, academic, and administrative spaces on campus are evolving in light of technological innovations, new operational realities, and shifting stakeholder preferences.

Experts associated with this event

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Michael Fischer

Senior Director, Research

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Image of Brooke Thayer

Brooke Thayer

Senior Director, Research Development

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Maya Graham

Maya Graham

Strategic Leader, Research

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