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How Districts Can Get the Most Impact from CARES Act Funds

This event has passed.

Watch the on-demand webinar on our
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About the Webconference

Speakers: Ben Court

Districts will begin receiving funds from the CARES Act and several other special-purpose federal and state sources in the coming months. Knowing the timing, application processes, and allowable uses of the new funding streams will enable districts to ensure they are first in line to receive dollars and building capabilities that have value beyond the current crisis.

This session provides an executive overview of the CARES Act’s impact on districts, and strategies for creatively focusing spending on critical instructional and health priorities.

  • CARES Act timeline: how much will your state get, when, and how will dollars get to districts
  • What can CARES Act funds be used for (and not?)
  • Preparing investment plans for:
    • Food security
    • Cleaning and health screening for safe reopening
    • Closing gaps in students access to device and home Wifi
    • Distance learning professional development for teachers
    • SEL and mental health
    • Special education catch-up