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Faculty Morale Momentum Loop 101: Unpacking Implementation Essentials For Independent School Executive Forum Partners

There are no more upcoming sessions for this event.

Late last year, we debuted our best-practice research on ‘Investing in Faculty Morale: Diagnosing Causes, Prioritizing Threats, and Co-Designing Solutions to Improve Faculty Morale.” Low faculty morale—even during challenging times—isn’t inevitable. EAB has uncovered outlier organizations across industries that dramatically improved employee morale despite challenging circumstances. Their success was not defined by a one-size-fits-all or predetermined set of ideas for morale. Their success shared one common ingredient: all outlier organizations diagnosed the evolving needs of employees and co-developed and adjusted morale improvement solutions in collaboration with employees. EAB has distilled this process into the Faculty Morale Momentum Loop.

These three, thirty-minute sessions will teach schools the implementation tools required to successfully execute each step of the Faculty Morale Momentum Loop. Participants will receive step-by-step guidance on how, when, and who should deploy each resource and how to systemically integrate them into school processes. Resources include the Faculty Morale Diagnostic Questions (Quantitative and Qualitative), Threat Prioritization Matrix, and Morale-Booster Compendium.

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Daniel Himmelfarb

Daniel Himmelfarb

Associate Director, Account Management

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