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Competing for IT Talent in a Tight Labor Market

How To Retain In-Demand IT Staff and Become a Destination Employer

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While talent management is an issue throughout higher education, IT is in the unenviable position of facing the tightest labor market. Higher education’s IT leaders must contend with low unemployment, uncompetitive salaries, and more flexible remote work policies offered by the private sector. And these challenges come on the heels of deteriorating talent issues, including the need to invest in “grow your own” talent programs for entry-level roles and navigate reskilling opportunities to prepare IT employees for changing technological aspirations.

Join the IT Forum for a two-part virtual roundtable series to discuss strategies to shore up retention and build a more talent-“resilient” IT shop. These roundtables will bring together IT leaders to learn from across the globe to engage in a two-day conversation about talent challenges and opportunities.

Part One of our Two-Part Series, How to Address Your Most Egregious Pain Points to Retain In-Demand IT Staff, will cover:

  • Case studies of institutions making proactive compensation changes to retain key roles
  • Profiles of institutions embracing distinctive flexible work arrangements
  • Engagement levers to drive employee satisfaction and community-building

Part Two of our Two-Part Series, How to Build a Talent Shortage-Resilient IT Organization, will cover:

  • Profiles of IT departments modifying organizational structures and rescoping roles to optimize talent
  • Tactics to upskill and cross-train staff to fill hard-to-hire roles and meet emerging IT needs
  • Case studies of successful internal talent pipelines and career mapping to prevent a talent exodus


Experts associated with this event

EAB Experts

Ron Yanosky

Ron Yanosky

Director, Research

As a director of research in the IT Forum, Ron Yanosky contributes to the forum’s research in areas including IT strategic planning, IT governance, and performance management. He is a frequent visitor to EAB’s member campuses, where he gives presentations, facilitates discussions, and leads workshops. Ron has been a technologist, academic, and researcher. Prior to joining EAB, he was a senior consultant at Richard Katz and Associates, where he worked on IT strategy projects with an international clientele of higher education institutions. Before that, as a research fellow and deputy director at the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, he oversaw ECAR’s research operations and authored major studies on topics in higher education IT. Ron came to EDUCAUSE from Gartner Inc., where he was a principal analyst on the higher education team. During the 1990s, Ron was an assistant professor of history at Harvard University, where he taught American history.

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