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What K-12 “Return to Learn” Plans Are Getting Wrong

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About the Webconference

Speaker: Chris Miller

Fully occupied (and then some) getting across the spring term finish line, most districts haven’t yet developed comprehensive “Return to Learn” plans detailing what building reopening will look like, how student, teacher and staff health will be protected, and how learning recovery happens amid the possibility of COVID-19 resurgence and student mental health trauma. This session previews the most important questions districts have to get right, learning lessons from other countries’ and states’ reopening experiences to inform your spring and summer planning:

  • Which students come back first? Do we let everyone back, or stagger grades? Which teachers and staff should stay home?
  • How do we accommodate families and staff who don’t want to come back?
  • What are the right health and safety procedures for classrooms and transportation, and how do we enforce them? Where do we change the schedule, space assignments and meal service?
  • What are the best options for assessing learning loss and new mental health needs?
  • How do we modify school calendars, support services and curriculum to help students catch up? By when should the general population and special needs students be back on pace?
  • How can I prepare the district for rapid conversion to equitable distance learning in the event of resurgence?