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What is an Advising Campaign in Higher Education?

Advising campaigns are an effective strategy for educational institutions to increase retention and graduation rates. Learn more about their many benefits.

What is an Advising Campaign in Higher Education?

You can deduce what an “advising campaign” is by dissecting the term. Advising: to offer suggestions about the best course of action. Campaign: an organized effort aimed at achieving a goal.

A higher education advising campaign involves academic advisors coordinating with students to help them make informed decisions regarding their coursework, career goals, and overall academic experience.

Proactive Outreach

One example of an advising campaign is a proactive outreach campaign where advisors reach out to students at critical points in their academic careers, such as during course registration, major selection, or when facing academic challenges. The advisors answer questions and connect students to relevant resources.

Career Advising

Another example is a career advising campaign, which focuses on helping students explore potential career paths and develop essential skills. The advisor may help students secure an internship, a workshop, a one-on-one session, or a job opportunity in their field of study. The exposure and networking opportunities students gain in these sessions can be invaluable.

Why is Academic Advising Important in Higher Education?

Academic advising is critical to the success of students, advisors, and the institutions they belong to. Here are several reasons why:

  • Improved Student Retention: Retention is considered an institutional measure of success. Research shows that academic advising helps students persevere through their courses, resulting in higher retention rates for many institutions.
  • Better Course Selection: Academic advisors assist students in selecting courses that best align with their academic and career objectives. For example, if a student intends to pursue a career in computer science, an advisor can ensure they enroll in relevant programming and technology courses.
  • Personalized Support: Advisors provide personalized support and guidance. They help students overcome academic difficulties or personal issues, which could otherwise hinder their progress in school.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Effective advising can prevent students from switching majors multiple times and taking unnecessary courses. This saves both time and money. A report from Complete College America reveals that changing majors costs students significantly more money in tuition and related expenses.
  • Higher Graduation Rates: Research also shows that students who receive regular academic advising are more likely to graduate within four years reducing the financial burden of extended education.

Academic advising, especially when integrated into a comprehen’sive advising campaign, is instrumental in promoting student success, and improving retention rates and graduation rates.

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