How Ogden School District is Restoring Teacher Morale and Improving Retention with EAB

How Ogden School District is Restoring Teacher Morale and Improving Retention with EAB

Ogden School District's Success Through EAB's Teacher Morale Collaborative


Ogden School District consists of thirteen neighborhood elementary schools, six secondary schools and one youth-in care school. The district faculty and staff serve approximately 10,500 students and their families.

Quick Facts

Ogden School District

10,500 Students

Ogden, UT

16 fully accredited schools within the district



Ogden’s 20% annual employee turnover placed a huge strain on the district and limited their capacity to advance their goals

Ogden couldn’t dedicate enough time to early literacy training due to the resources needed to onboard nearly 100 new teachers each year. They knew they needed to address teacher retention, but typical methods like engagement surveys and gathering feedback from the teachers’ association did not bring them closer to meaningfully addressing this goal.



Ogden leadership participated in EAB’s Teacher Morale Collaborative to identify and address the root causes of low morale

The Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and CHRO participated in five guided workshops alongside a cohort of 27 peers. They adopted EAB’s research-backed system for identifying and addressing the root drivers of low morale in schools, receiving step-by-step support along the way from EAB experts.



Ogden School District significantly improved their teacher retention rate and entered the 2023-2024 school year fully staffed

Ogden identified frustration with the district’s benefits and workload as primary drivers of low morale and turnover. They learned that many teachers were unaware of the services available and launched employee education efforts to connect employees with district resources. Employees feel heard and have a greater level of trust with district leadership.

Impact Highlights

0% fully staffed

0 vacancies for licensed teachers (start of 2023-24 school year)

-0 month

Early finalization of contract negotiations with the teachers’ union


Total retention rate for the 2022-23 school year

”Our staff retention is through the roof, so the work with EAB on teacher morale is paying dividends”

  • Luke Rasmussen, Superintendent, Ogden School District

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