EAB’s Edify Helps Oregon Tech’s Student-Centric Initiatives

EAB’s Edify Allows Oregon Tech to Reallocate IT Spend Toward Student-Centric Initiatives

Oregon Institute of Technology, a small public university in Klamath Falls, OR


Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) enrolls 5,325 students at multiple campuses throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Challenge

Oregon Tech’s administrative technology portfolio cost significant money and IT staff time to maintain and contributed to poor data accessibility. The institution is leanly staffed as a means of managing costs, so technology maintenance represented a significant burden. Frustrated with their reliance on a few monolithic platforms, Oregon Tech sought a solution that allowed for a more modular ecosystem with greater data accessibility and the ability to optimize data quality while minimizing maintenance needs.

The Solution

The school partnered with Edify, EAB’s Education Data Platform in Spring 2020. Putting Edify at the center of their digital enterprise has allowed Oregon Tech to choose the best-fit, best-cost solutions for campus without being beholden to a single vendor.

The Results

By shifting away from a single-vendor model, Oregon Tech can recapture and reallocate millions of dollars in IT spend toward high-priority student success initiatives across multiple years of partnership.

Impact Highlights


Year-one savings from using Edify to support Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system replacements—all reallocated to high-priority student success initiatives


Reduction in spend on annual maintenance of HR and Payroll solutions


Anticipated IT spend reallocations over the next five years of the Edify partnership

Before Edify: Oregon Tech’s Technology Ecosystem Revolved Around a Vendor

Monolithic Technologies Escalate in Cost as Their Value Degrades


Why do some legacy technologies pose such a burden?


Platform updates eliminate or hinder essential functions


Outdated tech is unreliable and difficult to integrate with newer, better applications


Degrading performance contributes to increasing need for IT support

With Edify: Hub-and-Spoke Integration Offers Vendor Flexibility

Oregon Tech Unlocks Ecosystem Agility with Investments in Campus-Focused Data Management

With best-in-class technologies replacing single vendor solutions, Oregon Tech creates vendor optionality. Individual systems are connected to Edify and then to each other, so that when one system is replaced, it doesn’t break connections to other systems.


How can an education data platform help?


Integrate new and existing technologies more quickly, streamline data processes


Report with consistent and validated data, aggregated from cross-campus sources


Innovate with next-generation tooling that keeps campus current with best practice

With Edify: Hub-and-Spoke Integration Offers Vendor Flexibility

Oregon Tech Unlocks Ecosystem Agility with Investments in Campus-Focused Data Management


*Future costs assume ~$300k annual savings through anticipated Student Information System Migration in FY25.


Our goal is to reduce the cost of our administrative technology and maintenance. We want to spend those dollars on software that supports our students and differentiates the Oregon Tech experience.

-Connie Atchley, CIO


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