How the Elections Could Impact Higher Ed


How the Elections Could Impact Higher Ed

Terry Hartle, SVP of Government Relations at the American Council on Education, joins EAB’s Kaitlyn Maloney for a discussion of the proper role of government in supporting and strengthening higher education. The two review the extraordinary financial costs borne by colleges and universities in the early days of the pandemic and in preparation for the current semester.

They discuss prospects for another federal relief bill ahead of the November elections and offer sobering assessments of the challenges that will remain regardless of which party controls the White House or Congress come January. Mr. Hartle also reminds listeners that if we want to see the enormous value associated with higher education to be reflected in public policy, we have to convince elected officials to make it so.

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Administrators may be crossing their fingers and hoping their institution won’t be affected by the election. Many campuses took a similar approach in 2016 and were subsequently caught off-guard by the fury and fervor that followed President Trump’s win like racist graffiti and flyers, spikes in counseling center visits, and students feeling silenced. The 2020 election promises to be even more contentious and divisive.

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