COVID-19 Threats to Campus Cybersecurity


COVID-19 Threats to Campus Cybersecurity

Episode 6

In this episode, EAB’s Chief Information Security Officer Brian Markham talks about emerging information security challenges facing higher ed.

Brian covers everything from the initial technical difficulties posed by campus closures to “Zoombombing” to the latest phishing scams. He also discusses how campus IT professionals can communicate more effectively with faculty and staff about staying safe online.

“Managing information security in higher education is incredibly complicated, and that’s not talked about enough.”

Brian Markham

“Technology was complex before COVID-19, and now it’s even that much more complex.”

Matt Pellish

“Right now, more than anything, when we’re feeling detached from our campus community and help is even further away, it is easier for these criminals to pick people off one by one.”

Brian Markham

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