Back to School: Colleges Consider What Fall 2020 Will Look Like


Back to School: Colleges Consider What Fall 2020 Will Look Like

Episode 7

Colleges are signaling their intent to welcome students back to campus this fall. EAB’s Carla Hickman and David Attis talk about the strategy behind those announcements and discuss examples of schools that are doing an exceptional job of communicating with students and families on this issue.

Carla and David also share insights from the scenario planning exercises they are leading with partner schools to assess how an institution and its budget are likely to be impacted. They discuss the difficult choices administrators may be forced to make. And they outline how school leaders can use the current crisis to help their college or university emerge stronger than before.

“Even once we get through this pandemic, students are still going to want to want to have that flexibility to sometimes be face-to-face and sometimes remote.”

David Attis

“More campuses are starting to worry about retention, not just what their full headcount numbers are going to look like.”

Carla Hickman

“So much of the emphasis has been on what are you going to do for the fall, but obviously the fall is not the end of this.”

David Attis

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Join this meeting as EAB covers three scenarios for how Covid-19 could impact university enrollments, finance, and student success over the next 12-18 months. The event includes why past data is necessary but insufficient to predict the future, EAB’s most up-to-date projections for each scenario, and guidance on how leaders can overcome the most common challenges of planning during a crisis.

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