EAB Launches New Education Data Platform Called “Edify”

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EAB Launches New Education Data Platform Called “Edify”

Edify integrates and organizes campus data from disparate IT systems to solve the challenge of “digital sprawl” and enables innovation

April 20, 2021 • 2 min read

Washington, DC, April 20, 2021 – Education technology company EAB today announced the launch of Edify, an education data platform designed specifically for higher education. The Edify platform, already being used by a small group of colleges and universities, ingests and organizes data from disparate campus IT systems into a single, unified source of information. The organized data can then be exported to other applications—including business intelligence software—or accessed directly within the platform by authorized users.

“Most colleges suffer from some form of ‘digital sprawl,’ meaning that critical data is trapped in hundreds of applications spread across campus,” said EAB President of Technology and Partner Development, Scott Schirmeier. “With Edify, EAB is empowering higher ed leaders to take back control of their data by organizing it into a single system and data model that is custom-fit to each campus.”

Edify users also have access to a menu of pre-scoped data projects, called “Accelerators,” that are implemented by EAB's team of subject-matter experts and data engineers to deliver the most commonly requested data integration and analytics for priority areas such as enrollment, equity, and academic resource management. Edify’s Accelerators help leaders build data-enabled strategies and measure progress against their enrollment targets, graduation rates, fundraising goals, and other metrics—without overwhelming their data teams with ad hoc requests. EAB will work with individual schools to create new Accelerators in the months ahead and further customize the platform to their needs.

“I’ve been on a mission since 2016 to free our data from the patchwork of vendor systems it has been locked in for decades,” said Dawn Ressel, Associate Vice President of Strategic Planning and Analysis at the University of Montana. “Now that we’re using Edify, we’re building a truly connected campus and working together to create a data-informed strategy on initiatives ranging from net tuition forecasting to closing equity gaps.”

EAB also has published a new white paper, “Sustaining Student-Centric Innovation,” that offers a digital transformation roadmap for higher education leaders. The paper includes strategies for dealing with technology proliferation, the related burden on IT staff, and the challenges associated with data integration, governance, and accessibility.

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