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As community colleges welcome students back—online or in person—this fall, they must be willing to radically reform the early college experience for their students. Whether because of social distancing mandates, greater off-campus obligations, or personal health and safety concerns, students cannot be expected to navigate the complicated maze of office visits and appointments that characterize most college onboarding processes.

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At many institutions, living on campus is a crucial dimension of the student experience, as well as a key source of auxiliary revenue. But current public health evidence indicates that communal living could strongly facilitate virus transmission, and many campuses lack the ability to give each student the safest option of a private room and bathroom. Ultimately, all universities are facing the same question: what is the housing solution that provides students with an on-campus experience that’s as fulfilling as possible, while also protecting the community from outbreaks?

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With the continued COVID-19 crisis-related disruption to community colleges and students, administrators have begun asking questions about how to transition in-person events, such as orientation, into our new, socially-distant, and primarily virtual world. To create an engaging virtual orientation experience, follow these three guidelines our research team developed based on recent interactions with our partners.

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