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Partner Stories

How Howard University’s Holistic Approach to Strategy is Leading to New Levels of Excellence

Howard University's Partnership with EAB's Strategic Advisory Services

Howard University (Howard) is a private, federally chartered historically Black research university in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1867, its mission is to provide exceptional educational opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

Historically Black Private University
Washington, DC


Howard’s Executive Leadership Team wanted to be proactive about approaching their strategic goals holistically.

Howard’s strategic plan, Howard Forward, outlines a framework of five priorities. Howard wanted to deepen their existing partnership with EAB to approach these priorities from a cross-campus perspective and accelerate time to meeting their goals.


EAB’s Strategic Advisory Services (SAS) provides Howard with comprehensive support across every corner of campus.

EAB’s SAS partnership offers research and advisory support, workshops, and data analysis for everyone from executives to implementation leaders. This has given Howard greater insight into the best strategic bets to make across all their biggest priorities.


Howard surpassed four of the five goals from their strategic plan—ahead of the 2024 deadline.

Armed with the right resources, Howard’s leadership team has either met or surpassed the goal metrics for four out of their five strategic initiatives a year ahead of schedule. This allowed them to set new, higher goals for their final year of Howard Forward.


“Our conversations with EAB are invaluable. They helped us realize we have way more brand value than we were taking advantage of. There is no world where we could accomplish all of this without EAB.”


Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Howard University