Greenlight Match

Reimagine the College Admissions Process

Lengthy applications, complicated fee waivers, and supplemental requirements keep many underserved students from attending college. Greenlight Match creates new pathways for first-generation and lower-income students to find their best college fit.

By leveraging College Greenlight's extensive network of college access organizations and high schools with Concourse’s innovative technology, we intelligently match you with students based on your unique admissions criteria. This allows students to show up as their most authentic selves from day one.

The Future of Student Recruitment

With our innovative technology, you can admit a diverse set of prequalified students in new recruitment markets without stressing over excessive travel costs.

This streamlined, earlier decision timeline gives you a longer runway to engage with admitted students and foster relationships with their advocates, driving higher yield and enrollment outcomes.


Alleviate Student Burdens

With Greenlight Match, community-based organization and high school counselors invite students to create comprehensive profiles before verifying each profile is complete and accurate.

Removing supplemental material requirements from the process alleviates undue burdens for students who aren’t aware of the hidden curriculum embedded in the traditional college application process.

An Equitable Process

Enrollment teams review anonymized profiles of students who meet your pre-determined enrollment criteria to make admission offers directly on the platform.

You tap into the open line of communication between students and their counselors, ensuring that important enrollment and financial aid messages aren't overlooked by interested students.


How It Works

Our streamlined process increases the likelihood that more students are considered for admission regardless of their family’s education background or socio-economic status.

  • 1.

    Institutions set enrollment criteria

  • 2.

    Students complete comprehensive profiles

  • 3.

    Counselors verify student data

  • 4.

    Institutions review profiles and make offers

  • 5.

    Students review and accept offers with counselor support


Expand Your Reach

Leverage our team's expert guidance and best practices for engaging with CBOs to keep equity at the forefront of your admissions cycle.

Greenlight Match Partners


Jason Carter

Director of College Access, College Possible

"Concourse and the Greenlight Match pilot program was a game changer for many of our students... Many of our students have not been exposed to the various college options that are available to them... Greenlight Match provided this opportunity to our students by bringing colleges to them and... almost $11 million dollars in scholarship offers as well. We cannot thank the Concourse team enough for their stewardship, professionalism, and support throughout this pilot process. We look forward to the future participation of our College Possible students in Greenlight Match."

Keith Hebert

Director of Postsecondary Efforts, Civitas Education Partners

"We have students attending seven out of the eight partner colleges from the initial list. In talking with my kids heading to Elmhurst, Bradley, Knox, and Valparaiso, they said they would never have considered applying since they never heard of these schools. But after using Greenlight Match to connect with the colleges, they were sold."

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding Greenlight Match to your existing enrollment processes opens doors to reach students who may not show up in the enrollment funnel prior to your application deadline. You can admit prequalified students from diverse backgrounds to your class well before they receive offers from other institutions.

Colleges and universities can expand their applicant pools and present additional college options to underserved students in seven major metropolitan areas with Greenlight Match. Instead of waiting for students to demonstrate interest, Greenlight Match partners can extend admission and financial aid offers to pre-qualified students who weren’t on their radar.

The Greenlight Match timeline is shorter and earlier in the year, allowing students to participate in regular decision processes if they don’t receive a successful match. Students who participate in Match are not limited from applying directly to an institution outside of the platform.

Yes! Offers through Greenlight Match are genuine offers to attend that institution. Admissions and financial aid offers may have conditional terms such as providing an official transcript or a writing sample, but those will be shared with students before they decide to accept the offer.

For Phase 2 (during the 2022-2023 academic year), colleges can match with students from seven cities across the country: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York City, and Philadelphia.

Interested in joining Phase 2 of the Greenlight Match pilot?

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