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We help K-12 leaders make progress on what matters most

EAB's District Leadership Forum serves as your K-12 consulting resource to identify innovative, proven, and replicable solutions. We provide year-round thought partnership and implementation guidance to help district leaders improve student educational outcomes in schools.

At EAB, we are a team of education experts who believe in providing K-12 educators and administrators with data-driven insights in order to help think outside of the box and develop agile, effective, and creative solutions for every issue their districts face. With District Leadership Forum, we want to empower K-12 districts to tackle their challenges confidently, without draining their resources, teams, or students in the process.

Best practice research

Proven solutions for K-12's most complex challenges

We provide superintendents and their teams with expert guidance as well as hands-on support to accelerate prioritized, meaningful change. The District Leadership Forum's K-12 education research agenda means we are designed to adapt to your most pressing challenges.

Accelerate academic progress

"Learning acceleration" has now become a nationwide imperative, but we know that simply increasing instructional time doesn't work. EAB has spent the past few years searching nationally and internationally for actionable and effective instruction-based practices, so that your district’s learning outcomes can improve, quickly. 

Learn more in our Learning Recovery Resource Center

Achieve Equitable Postsecondary Success

Freshman college enrollment is declining year-over-year, with the most affordable institutions seeing the steepest drops. EAB’s research has identified new strategies and overlooked practices that can propel your high school students to postsecondary success.

Visit our K-12 Postsecondary Success Resource Center to learn more

Protect Student Mental Health

Over the last decade, students' demand for mental health services has significantly grown—and it shows no signs of slowing down. Our researchers have surfaced best practices and developed actionable tools to help districts meet the mental health and wellness needs of their students.

View our K-12 Student Mental Health and Wellness resources

Create Conditions for Employees to Thrive

Teacher morale is at perhaps an all-time low, operational staff are in short supply, and 75% of principals say their job is unsustainable. Learn about EAB’s nationwide collaborative, which is just one way we are helping K-12 leaders tackle the issue of teacher morale in their districts.

Learn about EAB’s nationwide collaborative

Build Community Trust and Confidence

Community support is central to the success of any district, and the current wave of parent frustrations is causing costly disruptions to the school environment and valuable time of district leaders. EAB’s researchers have identified strategies and practices districts can use to better engage with their communities.

See our toolkit for Creating an Effective District Communication Plan
Networking and professional development

Harness the perspective of a network of peers

We bring together the experience, knowledge, and perspective of K-12 education consulting experts, administrators, and practitioners to deliver you the best ideas to take back to your district.

Attend dozens of virtual and in-person meetings across the year to share the latest research and ideas with peers, and access intelligence on emerging topics.

Share priorities, challenges, and strategies for improving public education in our exclusive networking sessions for education leaders stepping into new roles.

Access peer perspectives and a safe place for crucial conversations during turbulent times.

Expert Implementation Guidance

Turn research into reality in your schools

Move your strategic initiatives forward with expert guidance from K-12 consulting experts in the District Leadership Forum. Our team of advisers, researchers, and experts are ready to help you accelerate progress from facilitating team strategy workshops to preparing for an upcoming board presentation.

Expert advising and decision support

Develop research-based solutions to pressing challenges with your dedicated District Leadership Forum advisers.

Workshops and intensives

Map out next steps with your K-12 district leadership team with support from our experts.

Custom research

Custom research into your district's biggest challenges.

Readily available resources

Access briefs, webinars, and more, to help you prepare for school board presentations, administrator and teacher professional development, and strategic planning.

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Improving Early Literacy Through the Science of Reading

Dr. Chris Gaines, Superintendent, Mehlville School District, St. Louis, MO

"EAB's research and information are some of the best I've seen...simple, concise, easy to understand."

Randall Squier, Superintendent, Coxsackie-Athens Central School District, Coxsackie, NY

"EAB has far exceeded my expectations - your research is so digestible, and you all have really shone during COVID-19."

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