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Law School Enrollment Services

Reach, Recruit, and Enroll Your Most Sought-After Law Students

We leverage intent marketing, market research, strategic consulting, and consumer analytics to help law schools meet their recruitment and enrollment goals.

Our full-funnel, data-driven solution generates an average 11% increase in enrollment for law schools in just their first year of partnership with us.

Student Journey

Deploy intent-based, personalized marketing at scale

Our best-in-class intent marketing strategy enables your institution to deliver customized messages to the right prospects at the right time. We craft detailed personas of your target student populations, which inform omnichannel marketing campaigns and drive applications and enrollments.

Design custom campaigns at scale according to student intent and behavior.

Engage your students where they are with personalized, integrated campaigns across email, direct mail, digital ads, SMS texts, and optimized web pages.

We leverage data insights to build personalized high-performance content, including data-informed newsletters, content gives, and more.

Strategic Review and Optimization

Stay ahead of the curve with continual innovation and data transparency from day 1

We operate hundreds of field tests a year across 100+ law, graduate, and online partner institutions to surface new industry best practices. Our ongoing research and innovation enable you to stay on the cutting edge of recruitment tactics and strategy.

Our partner portal provides on-demand access to campaign performance data to help you make informed strategy decisions

Our rigorous testing and learning agenda ensures our recommendations are backed by the latest data and insights

Yield and Enrollment Management

Maximize yield of your admitted-student pool

We deploy a proprietary survey-based approach to help you determine accepted students’ intentions, predict which students will enroll, and triage your outreach.

Our proven approach to surveying applicants helps you understand their enrollment intentions and motivations.

Students’ survey responses are highly predictive of their final enrollment decisions—meaning you get an early, accurate view of admitted student behavior.

Our online portal enables you to track enrollment and deposit progress by the minute.

Learn from non-yielding students with our customized exit survey, which helps you identify key competitors, recognize applicants’ decision drivers, and reveal insights for more effective messaging.

Partner results and stories


applications influenced by EAB per school, on average


average increase in new law student enrollment during the first year of EAB partnership


increase in highly academically desirable enrollees (based on LSAT score and GPA) in one year at private law school in the West

How One Law School Grew Enrollment and Class Quality in a Highly Competitive Market

Maple partnered with EAB to grow law school enrollment and raise the academic profile of their incoming class.

How intent-based marketing increased law school applicant quality and diversity

Magnolia's School of Law aimed to grow application volume and enrollment among high qualified students while increasing student diversity.

Robert Harrison, Associate Dean for Enrollment Management, Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University

"Our partnership with EAB over the last four years has been terrific. Their knowledge and expertise has enabled us to not only increase our applicant pool substantially but also to tailor our message to specific segments of that pool. With this thoughtful and targeted approach, we’ve been able to hit our enrollment goals while simultaneously improving our LSAT and GPA medians each year. It’s reassuring to know that with all the changes going on, in higher ed and the world, that our message is reaching our future students."

Jay Armstrong, Director of Admissions, Mississippi College School of Law

“The admissions committee has noticed that since we partnered with EAB, we’ve been in touch with a higher-quality applicant.”

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Cultivate more alumni donors, increase levels of giving, and engage supporters throughout their donor lifecycle.


Build a student-centric campus and improve outcomes with our enterprise-level Student Success Management System (SSMS).

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