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Pipeline Analytics is a custom enrollment intelligence platform that helps you track prospect engagement in real time, enabling proactive strategy adjustments. The technology provides end-to-end recruitment funnel lead scoring and descriptive analytics visualizations to track prospect engagement in real time. It provides the predictive horsepower needed to guide strategic decision-making.

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Learn more about the impact of our artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for enrollment, student success, and beyond

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Over the past few years, machine learning has transformed everything from movie watching habits to personal transportation. In student recruitment, advanced enrollment management teams are now benefiting from this technology as well. Elizabeth Kee, a senior analyst with EAB Enrollment Services, sat down with Dana Strait, principal for EAB New Product Development, to learn about…

Enrollment leaders have always made predictions about the future, using whatever tools they had at their disposal. Recent technological advances have made it possible to make better predictions with more sophisticated analytic tools. Read on to learn about two easy ways you can use analytics to prioritize the right students for certain communications. Let’s first…

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What a predictive analytics experiment taught 11 colleges about sharing data

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