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Our Professional & Adult Education Forum provides employer-focused market research, marketing and recruiting strategy studies, and implementation resources to help you compete in a crowded market while supporting institutional goals. Our data-focused approach will empower you to make informed decisions across a wide range of areas, including:


"Creating a school of professional studies was a gigantic leap for this institution. Having EAB to support and validate that we had the right kinds of ideas.. [was] critically important."

Karen Sibley, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Brown University

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Marketing and recruiting across the adult student lifecycle

Leverage over 75 strategies to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to adult students
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Demand for some tech skills is falling faster than employer demand during the recession. To best prepare students for a shifting labor market and recruit students in the future, ensure your curricula are conferring still-in-demand skills.

While management-level professionals in food service and hospitality have weathered the economic crisis better than front-line workers, their employment will be at risk as shutdowns continue and businesses close. To help them transition to manager positions in higher growth fields, institutions need to create flexible, low-cost offerings in finance and data analytics to capitalize on these professionals existing strength in customer service and people management.

Facing an economic downturn and fierce competition for undergraduate enrollments, colleges and universities are looking for a silver lining: countercyclical enrollments. This tendency for enrollments to increase as the economy declines is well documented. But leadership at four-year institutions shouldn’t get their hopes up. Not every institution benefits equally from these additional students. The Great Recession had a far smaller impact on baccalaureate and graduate enrollments than it did on community colleges and vocational programs.



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