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EAB’s Transfer Portal is designed to meet prospective transfer students where they are. Fueled by your SIS and Degree Audit data, the Portal offers prospects credit estimates immediately, recommendations for their best-fit majors, and customized application support to guide them step by step through the enrollment process. The platform also empowers admissions staff to focus on the student outreach that will yield the best results.

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The national drumbeat for colleges and universities to do more for transfer students grew louder over the past few weeks. The Government Accountability Office reported that students lose nearly half of their college credits when transferring from one school to another. And, concurrently, the Inside Higher Ed | Gallup 2017 Survey of College and University…

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Watch the demo of EAB’s Transfer Portal to learn how our platform provides prospective students with real-time credit estimates, the ability to explore majors, and a checklist of all the key steps for enrollment.
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In an environment of increasing competition for first-time, full-time students, growing pressure on tuition revenue, and stagnant state support, colleges and universities of all types are looking to transfer students to help fulfill enrollment goals. Transfer students can increase diversity and bring in additional revenue, fill upper-division course capacity, and satisfy state goals and regulations.…

For many years, Wichita State University (WSU) has been a top destination for transfer students in Kansas. Forty-eight percent of WSU’s most recent entering class was comprised of transfer students and 88% of all degree-earners had some transfer credit. But despite longstanding success with transfer students, WSU is facing many of the same challenges as…

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