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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Appily, the new all-in-one student website for confident college choices! Appily brings together EAB’s market-leading student resources—Cappex, YouVisit, Greenlight Match and Global Match,—to serve as the home for everything students need to plan, decide, and apply to college.

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YouVisit's Virtual Tour platform provides prospective students access to your school campus. Not only do prospective students spend 4X more time on a YouVisit virtual tour than a traditional .edu webpage, they also apply at a 60% higher rate and have 8X higher inquiry-to-deposit rate.

Tour Your Campus

In today's digital world, students rely on virtual tours

A virtual tour offers a tangible campus experience to students who are making important decisions about their college plans. Through a combination of proprietary technology and our award-winning Studios Team, our virtual campus tours go beyond what other tour or map vendors can offer to support your key enrollment goals.


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Accessible and Inclusive

All tours are fully ADA-compliant and can be made available in 130+ languages


Virtual tours can be found through third-party search sites and accessed on any device

Interactive Elements

Create an interactive and immersive campus experience

Our virtual campus tours combine immersive visual content with clickable elements to encourage visitor participation and exploration. You can embed your tour throughout your website, link directly to specific tour stops, feature your tour in email campaigns, and more.

Integrated digital awareness marketing

Responsive campaign design

Omnichannel engagement

Inquiry capture and optimization

Move students through the recruitment funnel with proactive inquiry lead capture

Interactive digital exploration converts your visitors’ interest into intent. Our tours prompt students to take action—to register, schedule a visit, or apply—based on their engagement level so you can more effectively recruit them. Our progressive Conversational Inquiry Form leads to a 2x higher conversion rate compared to that of traditional web forms.

Prompt visitors intelligently based on their level of engagement with your Virtual Tour

Tailor forms by visitor type to deliver a personalized experience and follow up

Identify stealth prospects by capturing their information with a smart inquiry form

Audience Analytics Portal

Nurture inquiries and optimize your virtual tour with data and analytics

Our virtual campus tours combine immersive visual content with clickable elements to encourage visitor participation and exploration. You can embed your tour throughout your website, link directly to specific tour stops, feature your tour in email campaigns, and more.

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See individual data for each virtual tour inquiry based on submitted information and network behavior. This includes other types of institutions and geographies that students are exploring.

Create customized lists of registered visitors for targeted campaigns and digital efforts.

View data on your virtual tour performance, including time spent, interactions, and inquiry rates to inform placement, promotion and content strategy.

See how your content performs against the EAB network, and benchmark against your own historical data.

Receive strategic support and creative consultation

An exceptional virtual tour is only as good as the team behind it. We provide you with a group of experts dedicated to implementing your virtual tour and another set of team members who are dedicated to offering ongoing support.

In today’s rapidly evolving recruitment climate, your virtual solution can’t wait. Our award-winning Studios Team will craft a customized virtual experience that is ready to go live in as few as six weeks.

Your dedicated Production Manager will handle implementation to bring your project to life.

Receive ongoing quarterly performance reviews and recommendations from your dedicated Partner Success Manager to drive strategic impact.

Recent awards and recognitions

A Look into One of Our Award Winners

Muse VT Platnum Award
Hermes_Awards_Laurals_VT (1)

As one of the top-ranking colleges in the world, with an acceptance rate of only 12%, the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) is duty-bound to reach the best of the best through its recruitment strategy. However, finding the high-achieving students and athletes built to survive the rigors of military life is like finding a needle in a haystack. Prospective students are inundated with options when it comes to choosing their educational path, and with each new class it becomes more challenging to cut through the noise. USAFA needed an extraordinary recruitment campaign to attract extraordinary students.

To help students discover all that USAFA offers, the Academy partnered with YouVisit to create an exceptional, multi-part, 360° digital experience that allows students and their families to experience what it’s like to learn, live, and fly as a cadet at the USAFA. The experience can be accessed from their website, across all devices, and was highlighted as a communal immersive theater event inside the historic planetarium at the Air Force Academy campus outside Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Through this adrenaline-fueled experience, prospective students can truly immerse themselves in the daily life of a cadet and experience firsthand what it’s like to pilot a glider, parachute into a football game, fight in a war simulation, and work on a project with a NASA scientist. Through this project, each week thousands of visitors discovered the historic campus, and USAFA exceeded their recruitment goals for the next generation of military leaders. Additionally, USAFA saw the development of an out-of-home immersive experience as an opportunity to create and host an educational program for K-12 students and visitors in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with the goal to encourage young people to become future leaders in STEM careers.

Partner results and stories


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higher FASFA completion rate for students who engage with virtual tours

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duration of average engagement on virtual tours, compared to an average of 2.4 minutes on an .edu website

How The New School Implemented a Virtual Tour to Help Drive Net Tuition Revenue

Case Study

How Georgia Tech Enhanced Student Diversity by Implementing a Virtual Tour Experience

Case Study

James Steen, VP of Enrollment Management, Houston Baptist University

"No way could we generate the volume of leads or applications without EAB Enrollment Services and the application generation engine that EAB does very very well.  No way could we replicate that on our own.  What EAB does for my team is invaluable.  I am always always happy.  I am proud to tell others who we use and how we use EAB Enrollment Services because we have had phenomenal success."

John Lehman, PhD, Vice President for University Relations and Enrollment, Michigan Technological University

“We signed on with a one year contract last year, got in halfway through the cycle. We went to an EAB roundtable with the other new clients. We heard these stories that we could expect 25-35% increases in apps. We walked out of your building and asked each other "are they all actors?" So far this year, we are up 27% in apps over last year (Feb. 2020), so it has fully met our expectations of feeding the top of the funnel."

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