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Latest Episodes

Inside Higher Ed’s News Editor on the COVID-19 Stories You Should Know

Paul Fain, news editor at Inside Higher Ed, joins EAB’s Carla Hickman to share the COVID-19 stories that have gotten the most attention, what that says about college and university leaders’ greatest concerns, and the stories we should expect to see soon.

Crisis Response Lessons from Mount Saint Mary’s University

EAB’s Mark Shreve joins Dr. Ann McElaney-Johnson, president of Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles, to talk about the value of small colleges and how a recent crisis helped prepare her team to handle the impacts of the pandemic.

Yield Your Class During a Time of Uncertainty

Madeleine Rhyneer joins Carla Hickman to discuss challenges colleges face in meeting fall enrollment targets and offer strategies for yielding your class during a time of uncertainty.

Back to School: Colleges Consider What Fall 2020 Will Look Like

Carla Hickman and David Attis discuss why schools are communicating their intent to welcome students back to campus this fall and the scenario planning work they’re doing to prepare for any eventuality.

COVID-19 Threats to Campus Cybersecurity

EAB’s Chief Information Security Officer Brian Markham covers everything from technical challenges posed by campus closures to “Zoombombing” to the latest phishing scams.

The Best (and Worst) COVID-19 Crisis Communications

EAB’s Kaitlyn Maloney and Michael Fischer discuss how colleges and universities have handled crisis communications during the pandemic.

How Colleges Can Plan for and Adapt to Campus Crises

Learn how college administrators can use this crisis to strengthen leadership skills—and how schools can build greater organizational resiliency to better prepare for, respond, and adapt to future disruptions.

4 Unique Leadership Challenges Posed by the Pandemic

In part one of this two-part discussion, EAB experts share four reasons why the coronavirus pandemic is a different type of crisis than any faced by higher ed before—and discuss effective leadership in an extended crisis.

Will the CARES Act Save Higher Ed?

Our experts discuss why the CARES Act really isn’t a really stimulus package, but a stop-gap measure that may not keep at-risk colleges and universities afloat long enough to survive the current crisis.

The Early Impacts of COVID-19 on Higher Ed

In this episode, Carla Hickman and Dr. David Attis discuss the immediate effects of COVID-19 on higher ed, as well as long-term impacts on enrollment and multi-modal learning.

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