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Latest Episodes


How to Grow Community College Enrollment, Featuring the League

Dr. Rufus Glasper, president and CEO of the League for Innovation in the Community College, joins Dr. Christina Hubbard, EAB’s leading expert on community colleges, to discuss what ails that sector and what lies ahead.

What Colleges Can Learn from UofM Partnerships with FedEx, Nike, and Others

The Executive Dean of UofM Global shares lessons learned from building and sustaining corporate partnerships with FedEx, Nike, and more.

How to Prepare College Graduates to Succeed in a Tough Economy

Rob Sentz, Chief Innovation Officer at labor market data giant, Emsi, shares strategies for preparing college students to find their niche in an unsettled economy.

Tim Renick Shares GSU’s Playbook for Eliminating Equity Gaps

Student success guru Tim Renick discusses GSU’s journey to eliminating equity gaps and shares scalable, replicable best practices other institutions can follow to do the same.

Help More Students Graduate with Less Debt

EAB experts explain how to integrate financial aid services into the broader student support network to help more students graduate with less debt.

How Colleges Can Grow Community Service Despite Coronavirus

Representatives from The Urban Alliance and Streetwise Partners join the podcast to discuss how the pandemic and recent civil unrest have impacted volunteerism. They also share tips for institutions looking to motivate more employees to participate in community services activities.

How Companies Are Approaching College Recruiting During the Pandemic

EAB’s Michael Koppenheffer joins the podcast to discuss ways employers are virtualizing campus recruiting to overcome social distancing restrictions.

COVID-19 Campus Reopening Mistakes and Victories

EAB experts examine the good, the bad, and the ugly from campus repopulation efforts this fall and suggest changes university leaders may need to make before the spring semester.

How to Improve Faculty Diversity Through Inclusive Hiring and Retention Practices

David Pluviose, executive editor of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, shares steps universities should take to ensure faculty diversity.

3 Student Success Lessons That Power EAB’s “Moon Shot for Equity”

Milwaukee Area Technical College President Dr. Vicki Martin joins EAB Vice President of Partnerships, Tom Sugar, to talk about three lessons learned from Georgia State University’s success in erasing equity gaps–and how MATC is working with EAB to make similar systemic changes.


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