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Your School Isn’t Ready for the FAFSA Simplification Act

The FAFSA Simplification Act is coming on like a freight train and most schools aren’t ready. Our experts explain how to prepare.

How to Improve Student Success at the Graduate Level

Experts share reasons why universities are just beginning to extend to graduate students, the same kinds of proactive support and retention services now common in the undergrad space.

How University HR Officers Are Shaping New Flexible Work Policies

Guests share findings from a new EAB survey of university HR Officers to identify best practices and pitfalls to avoid in updating remote work policies for campus employees.

How to Reduce Summer Melt

Three experts offer post-pandemic strategies for engaging new and returning students to reduce summer melt.

Campus Space Planning for Fall and Beyond

Guests share thoughts on ways that facilities usage and delivery of student services are likely to change when students return to campus this fall.

How to Prepare Your Campus for the Mental Health Crisis Coming this Fall

Guests share findings from their research into how colleges and universities are preparing to handle a potential deluge of mental health challenges this fall.

Tips from Women for Women Seeking Leadership Positions in Higher Education

Guests share strategies for breaking through the glass ceiling and offer lessons learned from their own path to leadership positions within higher education.

How to Prepare Your Institution and Students to Thrive in the Age of Remote Work

Guests share strategies university leaders should adopt to prepare their students and institutions to succeed in a digital-first work environment.

College Decision Day Has Come and Gone. Now What?

Guests share findings from EAB’s recent survey of 15k high school students and offer strategies to engage new admits over the summer to boost yield.

How to Reverse Enrollment Declines at Community Colleges

Experts discuss institutional changes community colleges need to make to reverse enrollment declines and serve their communities more fully.


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