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Could Your Students Benefit from “One Front Door” Onboarding?

 Guests discuss Germanna Community College’s innovative approach to unifying the student onboarding experience and share advice for other community college leaders looking to do the same.

Will the SCOTUS Ruling Influence Financial Aid Strategy?

Experts share insights on how financial aid professionals are adapting to the recent SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action.

Poll Highlights Top Concerns of Enrollment Leaders

Experts review findings of a new poll that highlights top concerns among enrollment leaders.

How MSU Saved Millions Without Cutting Faculty or Programs

MSU Provost John Jasinski shares details of the successful academic realignment effort that helped his institution save more than $5M without cutting staff or programs.

How Long Beach City College Revamped Support for First-Year Students

Student success leaders from one of the largest community colleges in California share how they transformed the way their minority-serving institution onboards and supports students.

How Fly-Ins Impact Diversity in the Michigan Ross BBA Program

Representatives from College Greenlight and the University of Michigan talk about the role of fly-in programs and all-access weekends to attract more out-of-state students from underserved populations.

How to Build Belongingness to Boost Student Mental Health

Experts share ways to help students build a sense of belongingness with your institution to improve their college experience and boost graduation rates.

How to Encourage Student Help-Seeking Behavior

Guests share tips on how to encourage and support help-seeking behavior by students.

The Eight Dimensions of Student Wellness

Experts discuss ways that universities can support student mental health more effectively by understanding the eight dimensions of wellness that ebb and flow across a student’s college experience.

How Racial and Ethnic Identity Influence Your College Journey

Experts discuss ways that a student’s racial and ethnic identity can influence every step in the college journey, from deciding whether and where to apply, to their experience once they step on campus.

Staffing Shortages Threaten Grad School Growth Goals

Experts share findings from a new EAB-NAGAP survey of graduate enrollment personnel that highlights a growing gap between unrealistic growth goals and staffing realities.

How Drexel and Saxbys Partnered to Boost Experiential Learning

Drexel University President John Fry joins Saxbys founder and CEO Nick Bayer to talk about the unique experiential learning platform they established to help students acquire career-launching job skills while earning an income and college credit.

Will FAFSA Simplification Make Life Easier for Colleges and Applicants?

Experts discuss FAFSA simplification and offer advice to university leaders on how to communicate with students now about what the changes may mean to them.

Are You Treating Student-Parents as a Liability or Asset?

Nicole Lynn Lewis from Generation Hope joins the podcast to share advice on better ways for institutions to support students who are also young parents.

New Student Engagement Data Reveals Surprises

Leaders from the Center for Community College Student Engagement explore new studies that highlight important—but potentially overlooked—factors that can boost student retention.

TSU’s Systematic Approach to Student Success

Texas Southern University leaders discuss how they are boosting student success by convincing students, faculty, and staff to adopt better processes and technologies.

Do Community Colleges Need an “Intervention”?

Journalist Jon Marcus discusses his recent article in The Hechinger Report that explores institutional problems that are negatively impacting community college enrollment.

How NAU Streamlined Student Access to Mental Health Resources

Experts discuss innovative strategies being used at Northern Arizona University to connect students with mental health services more effectively.

What Keeps Facilities Leaders Up at Night?

Experts share findings from a new survey that highlights the top concerns of facilities leaders.

Are the Benefits of OPM Partnerships Worth the Risk?

Experts share advice on partnering with third-party OPMs to boost your online enrollment.

Virtual Reality Is Transforming Higher Ed

Experts explore the growing use of virtual reality across higher ed as both a learning tool and as a way for families to tour and learn about your campus from afar.

How to Recruit Adult Career Switchers

Experts explain how to recruit adult learners who are interested in graduate business degree programs that will help them switch careers.

How to Engage “Stealth Shoppers”

Experts share advice on ways to engage higher ed “stealth shoppers,” a growing population of prospective students whose college search process is largely self-directed and avoids direct contact with admissions staff.

How to Improve Student Mental Health Counseling

Experts share ways to build a better student mental health counseling framework that elevates messages of strength and resilience.

Better CRM Tools Key to Reversing Enrollment Declines at CCs

Experts discuss ways to integrate CRM tools with student support and retention systems to help short-staffed admissions teams convert more student inquiries into successful students.

How to Manage a PR Crisis

Experts share tips on ways to manage or better yet, prevent a PR crisis from throwing your institution into chaos.

How to Build a Sense of Belonging Among Black and Latino Men

Experts discuss innovative ways to help Black and Latino men build a stronger sense of belonging, and identify four student lifecycle moments when making a positive connection is especially critical.

How to Work with CBOs to Supercharge Your Recruiting Efforts

Experts share tips for working with community-based organizations to engage and enroll prospective students who may not appear on your recruiting radar.

Will ChatGPT Ruin or Improve Higher Education?

Experts dive into the debate over whether ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools can coexist with traditional higher education pedagogy.

Will Your School Start Recruiting Incarcerated Students?

Experts discuss opportunities created by the restoration of Pell Grant funding for incarcerated students.

University Leaders Are Convinced They Can Boost Graduate Enrollment

Researchers unpack findings from a new survey of university leaders to learn about their goals for graduate enrollment growth and the strategies they believe will enable them to reach those goals.

Has Time Run Out on TikTok as a Marketing Tool?

Experts explore how banning TikTok on college campuses will impact efforts to engage students, staff, and other target audiences.

How to Recruit and Serve Military Students

Experts share tips on how to engage and serve students who are either active-duty military or veterans.

Lessons Learned from a Student Retention Revamp at Syracuse

Guests discuss how Syracuse University has revamped its approach to student retention.

How to Advance Your Higher Ed Career

Three industry veterans share their thoughts on how to navigate your own career journey working in higher education.

How UCF is Expanding Opportunities for Hispanic Adult Learners

Representatives from the UCF College of Nursing discuss a public-private partnership that helps them provide more Hispanic adult learners in their area with the education and training they need to launch healthcare careers.

Faculty Burnout is Real and Cannot be Wished Away

Experts discuss the extent of faculty burnout, the impact on students and institutions, and strategies for creating a work culture that prioritizes wellbeing.

Will the Supreme Court Kill Affirmative Action in Admissions?

Natasha Warikoo joins the podcast to discuss her new book and the future of affirmative action in admissions.

How to Set and Achieve Ambitious Green Goals

Experts offers tips for higher ed institutions that are ready to get serious about making their campuses more energy efficient and sustainable.

How to Build an Effective Graduate Enrollment Management Plan

EAB experts share tips on building a graduate enrollment program plan that matches the mission and strengths of your institution while also being grounded in marketplace realities.

How Pueblo College Supercharged Yield and Retention Efforts

Examine the technology and process improvements Pueblo Community College used to reverse a projected 10% enrollment dip in the final weeks leading into the fall 2022 semester.

New Approaches for Managing Student Mental Health Crises

Experts contrast existing protocols with emerging best practices for managing student mental health crises.

Is Your School Doing Enough to Attract Transfers?

Learn why establishing articulation agreements with neighboring institutions is only the first step toward making your school a more attractive destination for transfer students.

Technology Tips to Boost Student Advising Effectiveness

Experts share tips on ways to use technology more effectively to improve student advising and retention efforts amidst staffing challenges.

How to Manage Admissions Office Staffing Challenges

Experts share staff recruiting and retention strategies, as well as steps that enrollment leaders can take to streamline workloads and support team members more effectively.

How ‘Greenlight Match’ is Flipping the Script on College Admissions

Leaders from EAB and Concourse Global discuss the expansion of Greenlight Match, a program that provides offers of admission and financial aid to underserved students.

Interview with “Inside Higher Ed” Editor, Scott Jaschik

EAB’s Carla Hickman turns the tables on Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik in an interview that touches on the most important news stories impacting higher education today.

How to Help Black and Latino Men Succeed at Community Colleges and Beyond

Learn what’s working and what isn’t in efforts to help Black and Latino men persist and succeed at community colleges.

Why Parent Engagement Should Be a Central Focus of Your Recruiting Strategy

Experts share findings from a new survey that shows why treating parent engagement as an afterthought in your recruiting strategy is a huge mistake.

How to Solve the Data Activation Challenge at Your Institution

Experts offer a brief tutorial on how to organize, access, and extract useful insights from data trapped in your disparate campus IT systems.

Retention Grants Key To Closing Gaps At UW-M

Joel Spiess explains how the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee uses retention grants to close equity gaps and offers tips on how other institutions can establish similar programs.

How to Remove Bottlenecks and Grow Your Nursing Programs

Guests discuss how to fix the two most common bottlenecks limiting the growth of your nursing programs.

How to Make Your Institution More Transfer Friendly

Experts offer practical tips on ways to make your institution more transfer friendly.

Improving Outcomes for Native American Students at the U. of Montana

Leaders from the University of Montana join EAB’s Pavani Reddy to discuss a collaborative effort underway to “free the data” needed to help more Native American students succeed.

Advice from the Experts on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Experts discuss what colleges should be doing differently to retain and attract employees in today’s tight labor market.

Creating the Conditions for Black Student Success

Two California community college administrators discuss what is missing from anti-racism and equity conversations and share ways that college leaders can affirm and authentically support black student success.

ASU President Michael Crow Shares strategies for Driving Institutional Change

ASU President Michael Crow discusses systemic flaws in the higher education system and shares tips on how to drive change at your institution.

Graduate Admissions Teams Are Close to the Breaking Point

Experts discuss findings from a new EAB/NAGAP survey of over 1,200 graduate admissions leaders that shows nearly half are considering leaving their jobs.

How Northern Arizona U. Is Tackling the Access and Affordability Gap

NAU President José Luis Cruz Rivera joins EAB’s Tom Sugar to discuss new approaches to fulfilling higher education’s promise of being an engine of economic and social mobility.

Insights from EAB’s Latest Survey of College Freshmen

Experts highlight findings from EAB’s latest survey of nearly 5,000 recent high school graduates, most of whom just finished their first year of college.

Is Your Early Alert System Helping or Triggering Your Students?

Over 93% of institutions use early alert systems to boost student success. Carthage College’s Executive Director for Student Success, Melissa Burwell, shares what her team has learned by analyzing data on how different student populations react and respond, or not, to different types of alerts.

The Graduate Degree Market is Booming (for some…)

Experts examine reasons behind the explosive but uneven enrollment growth in the graduate degree market over the past two years.

Tips from Top Recruiters on How to Conduct a Proper Executive Search

Top executive search consultants share strategies for determining whether your next leader should be promoted from within or recruited from outside your institution.

A Conversation with US Under Secretary of Education James Kvaal

Under Secretary of Education James Kvaal shares his thoughts on student debt relief, free community college programs, the role of HBCUs, and much more.

Top 5 Threats and Opportunities Facing Higher Ed Today

Guests share findings from EAB’s newest “State of the Higher Ed Sector” research and offer tips on how to compete effectively by taking advantage of your institutional strengths.

It’s Time to Strengthen Support for Student-Parents

Experts highlight better ways to support student-parents and explain why it isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes perfect business sense for colleges.

IHE Editor Scott Jaschik Examines Top Trends Impacting Higher Ed

EAB’s Carla Hickman turns the tables on Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik in an interview that touches on the most important news stories impacting higher education today.

Lessons in Leadership from UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski

UMBC President, author, and civil rights leader Freeman Hrabowski talks about his extraordinary life and career in higher education.

How to Retain and Motivate Staff Amidst the Great Resignation

Dr. Robert Alexander, Dean of Admissions at the University of Rochester, shares ways to retain, support, and motivate staff at a time when employees everywhere are looking for greener pastures.

Are Student Success Leaders Ready to Embrace Data and Analytics?

EAB experts discuss results from a new poll of student success leaders that shows a surprising surge in their willingness to embrace data-informed decision-making.

The Evolving Role of the Chief Diversity Officer

Experts discuss ways that the role of Chief Diversity Officer is changing and explore broader DEI initiatives that have to be prioritized within our institutions.

How to Create the Hybrid College Experience Both Students and Staff Prefer

Experts share tips on how to reconfigure your facilities and technology to create the multi-modal campus that both students and staff prefer.

The Rise of Google Career Certificates: Threat or Opportunity?

Grow with Google head Lisa Gevelber joins EAB’s Sally Amoruso to discuss innovative ways to bundle alternative credentials into traditional college curricula.

NACAC CEO Shares Admissions Strategies to Improve College Access

NACAC CEO Dr. Angel Pérez joins EAB’s Madeleine Rhyneer to discuss findings from a new NACAC/NASFAA report, “Toward a More Equitable Future for Postsecondary Access.”

Is Your Approach to Student Advising Inherently Biased?

EAB experts discuss why early alert systems and traditional approaches to student advising sometimes fail to connect with students of color.

Are K-12 Disruptions Forcing Higher Ed to Redefine College Readiness?

EAB experts discuss the extent to which K12 learning disruptions are forcing higher ed institutions to re-evaluate their notion of college readiness.

How to Engage Student Activists and Donors to Drive Positive Change

Experts share strategies on ways to engage constructively with student activists and navigate difficult conversations with donors who may disagree with institutional changes.

Is Your Financial Aid Strategy Having the Desired Impact?

EAB experts demystify financial aid optimization, a discipline that is essential to a school’s ability to enroll and support a mix of students from different backgrounds while still generating enough revenue to fulfill their mission.

How to Convert More “Undecideds” to Matriculants

Experts reveal five data-informed strategies to focus yield efforts where they will have the greatest impact and help admitted student engage with your campus community.

How to Reverse Pandemic Impacts on Student Persistence

Experts discuss ways to manage and reverse the impact of isolation, disengagement, depression, and other pandemic effects on student persistence.

Strategic Enrollment Management in a Decentralized Environment

Experts share tips on how to work with disparate campus stakeholders to develop and execute a cohesive strategic enrollment management program.

How Rowan University Uses Hot Sauce to Lower Student Costs

The President of Rowan University discusses how 3+1 programs are lowering college costs for students while still driving growth at Rowan and surrounding community colleges.

Front-Line Staff Share Insights on Eliminating Equity Gaps

EAB experts join front-line staff at the institutions that have signed on to the Moon Shot for Equity project, to update us on their progress and share insights on the day-to-day work of eliminating equity gaps.

Removing Statues Won’t Rectify Your Institution’s Racist Past

President Dr. Benoit-Antoine Bacon of Carleton University in Canada and Dr. Carol Henderson of Emory University join us for a discussion on ways to acknowledge and address your institution’s historical ties to slavery and racial oppression.

Spotlight on the African American Male Initiative at NC Central

The Director of the African American Male Initiative at NC Central U. discusses an approach to student success that’s showing great promise.

How CSU Built One of the Most Diverse Cabinets in Higher Ed

CSU President Joyce McConnell shares her journey to creating one of the most diverse cabinets in higher education.

How to Reimagine Office Space to Fit a Hybrid Work Environment

EAB experts examine how universities are reimagining campus work spaces to save money and boost employee morale.

Insights from Year One of EAB’s “Moon Shot for Equity”

Experts share what they’ve learned by doing the hard work required to close equity gaps in higher education.

How to Achieve Financial Sustainability Amid Declining Enrollment

Experts examine higher ed cost pressures and possible sources of revenue growth as institutions work to achieve financial sustainability.

Is Your Test-Optional Policy a Hot Mess?

Experts discuss the struggle to operationalize test-optional admissions policies and articulate those policies to prospective students and families.

How to Motivate University Leaders to Support Enterprise IT Investments

IT experts share tips on ways to help university leaders understand how technology investments will help them make better, data-informed strategy decisions.

Insights from EAB’s Survey of Graduate and Adult Learners

EAB experts share key findings from our latest survey of adult, graduate, and professional students.

Q&A with SNHU President Paul LeBlanc

SNHU President Dr. Paul LeBlanc outlines a host of changes institutions should make to allow students to access and demonstrate mastery of their coursework on their own terms and timelines.

Peek Inside a Higher Ed Merger

Saint Leo President Jeffrey Senese offers a glimpse inside his school’s acquisition of Marymount California University and shares his philosophy on higher education leadership.

Is Your Admissions Team Struggling with Channel Overload?

Experts explain how to build the right mix of data sources and engagement platforms to identify, learn about, and move prospective students through the recruiting funnel.

It’s Time to Transform Legal Education

Guests discuss ways that legal education and the patchwork of state licensing requirements for attorneys need to change to better serve the profession and the public.

Are Alternative Online Credentials a Threat or Opportunity?

A surge in consumer demand for faster and cheaper education credentials has pushed colleges to compete and sometimes partner with alternative online providers.

Best Ways to Spend Your HEERF Dollars

Roughly 70% of all HEERF dollars remain unspent. Guests discuss the reasons and share advice on how to move forward with greater speed and intent.

Why Market Share—Not Demographic Shifts—Should Drive Your Recruiting Strategy

The data suggest your institution is more heavily impacted by losing market share to competitors than by the infamous demographic cliff. Does your recruiting strategy reflect that reality?

How to Boost Yield in a Digital-First World

Guests share tips for blending live events with newer virtual alternatives to extend reach and engagement throughout the recruiting cycle.

Is Higher Ed Poised for Mass Consolidation?

Experts examine consolidation trends, different deal types, and the extent to which schools are successful at capturing synergies through mergers and acquisitions.

Your School Isn’t Ready for the FAFSA Simplification Act

The FAFSA Simplification Act is coming on like a freight train and most schools aren’t ready. Our experts explain how to prepare.

How to Improve Student Success at the Graduate Level

Experts share reasons why universities are just beginning to extend to graduate students, the same kinds of proactive support and retention services now common in the undergrad space.

How University HR Officers Are Shaping New Flexible Work Policies

Guests share findings from a new EAB survey of university HR Officers to identify best practices and pitfalls to avoid in updating remote work policies for campus employees.

How to Reduce Summer Melt

Three experts offer post-pandemic strategies for engaging new and returning students to reduce summer melt.

Campus Space Planning for Fall and Beyond

Guests share thoughts on ways that facilities usage and delivery of student services are likely to change when students return to campus this fall.

How to Prepare Your Campus for the Mental Health Crisis Coming this Fall

Guests share findings from their research into how colleges and universities are preparing to handle a potential deluge of mental health challenges this fall.

Tips from Women for Women Seeking Leadership Positions in Higher Education

Guests share strategies for breaking through the glass ceiling and offer lessons learned from their own path to leadership positions within higher education.

How to Prepare Your Institution and Students to Thrive in the Age of Remote Work

Guests share strategies university leaders should adopt to prepare their students and institutions to succeed in a digital-first work environment.


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