Equity in Higher Education


Equity in Higher Education

How can we make education more equitable, together?

Collectively we must reckon with the fact that education, like most American institutions, has not been a space where people have been treated equally. We must urgently and boldly act, however imperfectly, to dismantle the systems that marginalize people of color and other underserved populations and prevent them from realizing the promise of education.

At EAB, many of our researchers, product designers, and strategic advisors have devoted their work to the vision of a more equitable education system. They share their personal stories, lines of investigation, and guiding ethics—all they bring to bear so that we can help education undo the racial disparities that have plagued us. This is a map of the different areas in which we’re making progress, and our aspirations for where we’re going. 

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EAB wants to support your equity initiatives. You can visit our vast library of best practice research, tools, and insights or you can provide your information so we can follow up with curated resources to address key equity initiatives.

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