University Research COVID-19 Resource Center

University Research COVID-19 Resource Center

Policies, procedural documents, and news updates for research leadership

The University Research Forum is working to source ideas and resources to support research leaders and their teams as the novel coronavirus has shaped a “new normal” for colleges and universities. Below you’ll find policies and press releases from your peer institutions and resources from the broader community. We hope to continue updating this resource center as we speak with more of our University Research Forum partners across the coming weeks.

Reopening research spaces

As campuses have successfully ramped down research activity and shifted non-essential work to remote operations, Chief Research Officers (CROs) can now turn their attention to planning for the eventual ramping back up of on-campus research activity. Research leaders recognize that whenever activity can ramp back up, it won’t be as simple as flipping a switch— instead, it will need to occur in phases and take into consideration capacity limitations.

This forces the research office, in collaboration with academic leadership, to make tough decisions about prioritizing who gets to come back first.

Federal funding and policies

Research operations

EAB is exploring the process and prioritization for re-opening research laboratories across campus. Be on the look out for surveys, conference calls, and research insights from our team coming soon.

Faculty and staff support

Partnerships and communications

Related insights

Research ramp-up plans include exhaustive detail on how researchers can keep themselves and their colleagues safe as they return to their labs. But these plans can be daunting, sometimes providing too much detail and burying the most important information that individual PIs need to know. To help institutions craft more actionable ramp-up plans—and ensure they have taken the appropriate steps to safeguard researcher well-being—we have outlined the minimum health and safety measures they should enact for individual researchers.

If you’ve struggled to keep up with what’s happening in Washington, you’re not alone. It didn’t seem possible for the pace of information coming from Congress, the White House, and the agencies to increase, but that’s exactly what has happened. This brief provides a snapshot of what’s going on and—perhaps more importantly—what you and your team can do now regardless of what happens in D.C.

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