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14 Metrics for Adaptive Course Planning

Explore this infographic to learn 14 metrics institutions can use to achieve adaptive course planning and understand how unreliable-or unavailable-data in the course planning process impacts staff, faculty, and students.

  • Are your students registering with the help of an academic plan?

    Learn how one school saw a 35% increase in preregistration by using EAB's platform for academic plan building, scheduling, and registration.

  • Are students able to quickly build and adjust their academic plans?

    Students who make a plan in EAB's academic planning tool attempt an average of 2.68 more credit hours each term than their peers who do not complete a plan.

  • Are your maximum enrollment capacities inconsistent and unreliable?

    Improve fill rate accuracy by diagnosing factors contributing to unreliable max caps and building an effective max cap policy.

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