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Research Report

Adapting Student Career Development for the Gen Z Era

Three critical investments to distinguish your institution from alternative options

October 2, 2023, By Joshua Ddamulira, Associate Director Joe Infantino, Associate Director, Research

Key Insights

Across the coming decade, colleges and universities will be forced to confront growing challenges, such as intensified competition for students with ever-greater needs and expectations. University leaders must recognize that Gen Z students considering whether to enroll in higher ed are increasingly concerned about “life success,” which includes traditional measures like job security but also fulfillment and an overall sense of thriving.

All too often, higher ed leaders delegate student career development and outcomes entirely to the campus career center. Career centers alone, however, cannot meet these demands, especially with staffing shortages and limited financial resources. Student career development not only needs to be embedded across the college experience, but it also requires strategic direction and focused attention from cabinet leaders.

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