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Research Report

Integrating Academic and Career Development Study

Strategies to scale experiential learning and reflection across the curriculum

May 24, 2017, By Colin Koproske, Managing Director, Research Development

Key Insights

Growing public concern about the return on investment (ROI) associated with higher education has created pressure for both public and private institutions to assume greater responsibility for students’ post-graduation outcomes.

Rather than attempting to radically reinvent curricula with immediate workforce demands in mind, a middle ground is needed between critics who assume traditional academic study is impractical and those who view college as an intellectual refuge from the job market. This false dichotomy between liberal education and career preparation is stymieing productive conversation on campus.

This study will help you incorporate meaningful career exploration and experiential learning into the academic curriculum and migrate from a “last stop” career service model to a continuous and reflective post-graduation planning approach. You will also learn how to reach at-risk and underserved student populations who often face barriers to accessing internships, co-ops, and other professional development.

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