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Tools for identifying high-value content within existing curricula

July 16, 2020

Use these resources to identify and prioritize high-value content and skills within your existing curricula to maximize limited instruction time this school year.

Key Insights

Following a massive wave of school closures, educators will need to be hyper-critical of how they spend their instructional time with students. Almost all students are expected to enter the fall nearly a full grade-level behind and will likely need to navigate a completely new school environment. As a result, many educators are overwhelmed to cover unprecedented amounts of instructional content in less time. The good news is that educators do not need to cover everything in previous year’s curricula to help students catch up.

To aid the instructional planning process, EAB developed a Curricula Prioritization Tool to help educators identify and prioritize high-impact content and activities within their existing curricula. By integrating this tool in the instructional planning process, educators will be able to accelerate instruction for all students and close achievement gaps faster.

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