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Does Your Virtual College Tour Meet Today’s Digital Expectations?

Use this framework to evaluate your current or prospective virtual tour solution and reflect on areas of opportunity to provide maximum value and impact your institutional goals.

With college campuses closed for in-person visits and events due to COVID-19, it’s no longer a question of whether your institution needs a virtual tour but instead whether your virtual tour meets the needs of today’s students. 

With the demand for virtual campus tours surging, enrollment and admissions leaders are seeing the importance of offering prospective students and their families a meaningful and informative tour experience—without stepping foot on campus.

When people think of a virtual tour, they often think of walking paths, buildings, and maps. To be highly effective, a virtual tour should be more than a tour of your physical space—it should be an experience. The experience should help all types of prospective students, at any part of their journey, connect with your school in an emotional way and allow them to easily envision their future at your institution.

5 Key Areas of Evaluation for Virtual College Tours

Does your virtual tour tell a compelling story?

An exceptional virtual tour tells a relatable and authentic story about your institution and creates an emotional connection with your audience.

Does your virtual tour have engaging content?

An exceptional virtual tour combines the right types of content, in the right places, to keep visitors engaged.

Does your virtual tour provide an exceptional user experience?

An exceptional virtual tour is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

Is your virtual tour accessible?

An exceptional virtual tour is accessible anywhere and everywhere. It should be available across all devices and provide equal access to all people.

Does your virtual tour provide insights?

An exceptional virtual tour not only provides a great experience to visitors but also provides insights about the visitors.

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