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Partner Service

Student Mental Health & Well-Being Collaborative

Participate in EAB’s Student Mental Mental Health & Well-Being Collaborative to make progress on student well-being initiatives through a series of guided workshops with peers.
Partner Service

Teacher Morale Collaborative

Schedule a discussion with EAB’s experts to learn how to secure your seat and get a head start on this critical issue. Limited seats available.
Partner Service

Translate Best-Practice Research into Action in Your District

Explore a list of tailored services that improve student success, enhance the employee experience, and increase community confidence.
Partner Service

University Research Website Audit

This audit will analyze gaps in functionality, content, and design for your website, and identify opportunities for improvement.
Partner Service

Unlock New Ways to Engage the Prospective Athlete

Athletic departments are turning to new digital tools to scale their recruitment effort. A high-quality virtual tour provides an alternative way to engage prospective athletes.
Partner Service

Virtual “Secret Shopper” Enrollment Audit for Community Colleges

Participate in our audit to get recommendations for your community college's student onboarding process from an EAB "secret shopper."
Partner Service

Virtual K-12 Team Workshop: Compassionate Leadership

This workshop will help cultivate interpersonal skills such as compassionate leadership to develop high-performing district leaders.
Partner Service

Virtual Student Services Website Audit

This audit will help higher education leaders bring the virtual experience for student services out of the pandemic era and into a more hybrid future.
Partner Service

Web and Mobile Presence Audit

Evaluate your web presence and program landing pages