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Advance Dynamic Strategy Efforts with an EAB Presentation

Explore sample Partner Intensive topics focused on dynamic strategy

EAB experts offer presentations and facilitated workshops, both virtually and in-person, that are designed to help our partners advance toward their goals. Grounded in data and best-practice research, EAB Partner Intensives are most often leveraged by our partners to help validate a need for campus change, generate buy-in and consensus from critical stakeholder groups, and even facilitate difficult but much-needed discussions among leadership teams and committees.

Sessions are typically one to two hours in length and are tailored to meet the needs of your campus. Audiences may include cabinets, boards, presidents, provosts, or CBOs, depending on the topic and your specific objectives.

View sample presentation and workshop topics within our dynamic strategy research terrain below. Contact [email protected] or your Strategic Leader to learn more.

Explore the topics we support

Browse the topic list and sample objectives to see the types of goals EAB can support through a virtual or in-person Partner Intensive.

Building Consensus and Inclusion Around Strategic Decisions

  • Enfranchise rising leaders
  • Form cross-functional working groups
  • Develop action teams and formalize fast-cycle innovation

Change Management

  • Apply EAB lessons in change management to one or more specific challenges on your campus
  • Create clear rules, roles, and guardrails to ensure timely progress
  • Teach shared language and embed that in a change management process
  • Discuss how to reset committee structures

Enhancing Your Student Value Proposition

  • Establish why students choose your institution and build out those distinct capabilities
  • Learn how to demonstrate value to different student personas

Future Visioning

  • Learn how to think like a futurist
  • Engage the campus community in more creative thinking
  • Energize teams around possibilities

Inclusive Decision Making

  • Rethink the role of committees and the timing of decision processes
  • Calibrate the appropriate number of stakeholders to be involved
  • Bring clarity and transparency to decision-making (ex. RAPID framework)
  • Discuss how to engage in difficult conversations

Shared Governance

  • Overcome the “central vs. collective” dichotomy implicit in debates about shared governance
  • Build buy-in for strategic decisions among the campus community
  • Drive change in the context of shared governance
  • Balance agility, clarity, and consensus in decision making

State of the Sector

  • Hear about the trends that are shaping the strategic and operational direction of colleges and universities
  • Help to create urgency and make a case for change on campus
  • Understand how to create shared language and perspective and get everyone on the same page
  • Discuss strategies to help depersonalize decisions that leaders have made (e.g. it’s not just your campus)

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Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis

  • Prepare to launch the strategic planning process (e.g., budget model framework)
  • Discuss how to structure workgroups and what to think about before you start the strategic planning process
  • Creating the conceptual framework for your plan

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Understanding the Board's Strategic Role and Altitude

  • Help board members better support the institution on key strategic questions
  • Avoid unproductive interference with management

Ready to request a Partner Intensive?

To request a virtual or in-person presentation for your campus, reach out to your Strategic Leader or [email protected]. You can also log in and fill out the form below, and we’ll follow up.