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AI Strategy Workshop for Higher Ed Cabinet Leaders

EAB's AI strategy workshop helps higher ed leaders craft a unique institutional AI strategy and navigate their most urgent AI priorities.

Unlock the power of AI on your campus with EAB’s expert-led workshop that helps higher ed cabinet leaders craft their unique institutional AI strategy. We recommend the AI strategy workshop for university presidents, provosts, CBOs and CIOs.

Questions we’re hearing from campus leaders:

  • How do we engage with AI overall as an institution? What’s the right AI identity for us?
  • How do we harness AI and align it to our institutional strategy?
  • How do we bring along faculty and staff who are fearful of AI?

EAB can help you navigate your most urgent AI priorities

  • Determine your AI identity

    based on your core values and the needs of your community

  • Create an AI strategy

    that aligns with your institutional goals

  • Discuss strategies

    to address AI-related risks and foster a culture of trust and innovation

  • Learn to organize effectively

    to optimize AI adoption on campus


I am getting tremendous pressure, from the board to our students, to get smart on AI and develop a cross-campus AI strategy.


University President

What we'll cover in the AI strategy workshop

  1. Explore the biggest AI promises in higher ed

    Learn about the five transformative opportunities of AI with concrete case studies from early movers

  2. Prioritize top areas for AI implementation

    Rank order opportunities based on the unique challenges and strategic priorities of your institution

  3. Build a roadmap for AI execution

    Create a clear AI execution plan that establishes success metrics, accountability measures, and governance

Ready to sign up?

To request this partner intensive workshop for your campus, log in and fill out the form below or email us at [email protected]. After you submit your request, your Research Strategic Leader will follow up to confirm its receipt and next steps.

If you’re not yet a partner, learn more about Strategic Advisory Services.