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Partner Service

How Deans Can Help Combat Burnout and Support Faculty Well-Being

Request our partner intensive for a deep dive on how to mitigate faculty burnout with an EAB research expert.

Faculty burnout is not a new phenomenon in higher education. But, across the pandemic, additional stressors and challenges augmented many faculty pain points that already existed pre-pandemic, further exacerbating burnout. This created new urgency among academic leaders to recognize that burnout is a workplace problem, and they have a unique role to play in ensuring that the academic affairs workplace environment is one that actively promotes well-being and combats burnout.

EAB offers an expert-facilitated partner intensive that convenes deans to discuss the long-term strategic importance of bolstering faculty well-being support. The session will also provide tools and resources to help deans fulfill their role in building a workplace that actively combats burnout.

Partner intensive details

  • Best suited for a group of academic deans
  • Available as either a virtual presentation or in-person session on your campus

Learning objectives

  • Understand the problem

    Understand the growing imperative to combat burnout as a workplace problem and bolster well-being support for faculty

  • Address faculty burnout

    Learn best-practice strategies to use in your role to begin addressing faculty burnout in your division

  • Provide support for chairs

    Obtain tools to assist chairsĀ in addressing workload concerns

To request the partner intensive for your campus, fill out the form below or email us at [email protected]. After you submit your request, your Research Strategic Leader will follow up to confirm its receipt and next steps.