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Employment Website Audit for Colleges and Universities

Upgrade your higher ed employment website to convince prospective applicants to apply to your institution. Ready to request this service? Complete the form below to start your custom employment website audit.

Your institution’s employment website is the front door for prospective job applicants. Compared to their out-of-sector counterparts, though, higher ed employment websites are harder to navigate and undersell the value of working at the institution. In today’s hyper-competitive labor market, campus leaders must upgrade their employment website to convince prospective applicants it is worth their effort to apply.

How higher ed employment websites fall short compared to out-of-sector competitors


Less likely to have a visually engaging mix of text and images


Less likely to include employee testimonials on benefits of workplace


Less likely to provide concrete DEIJ actions the institution has taken

What is EAB’s Employment Website Audit?

To help campus leaders attract and convince talented applicants to apply, EAB offers the Employment Website Audit for Strategic Advisory Services partners.

This audit will help you avoid common website mistakes with advice from out-of-sector organizations. You will receive a customized report with prioritized improvement recommendations for your employment website along with actionable advice and examples to help expedite implementation.

What we'll assess

Our research-backed audit compares your employment website to out-of-sector best practices across four key areas:
  • Accessiblity and navigation

    How easy is it for prospective applicants to access and navigate your employment website?

  • Diversity and inclusion

    How welcoming is your employment website for prospective applicants from diverse backgrounds?

  • Articulating value

    How well does your employment website showcase the value and benefits of working at your institution?

  • Resources for applicants

    Does your employment website provide resources to help applicants successfully navigate the application and hiring process?

Ready to learn how to improve your institution’s employment website?

To request the service, fill out the form below or contact [email protected]. After you submit your request, your Strategic Leader will follow up to confirm its receipt and next steps.