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Enrollment Analytics Portfolio for Higher Ed

Higher education institutions of all shapes and sizes are searching for new tactics to implement in the face of strong enrollment headwinds. Yet too often this critical work is impeded by inadequate data and a lack of shared understanding of the root causes of today’s enrollment challenges.

EAB’s Enrollment Analytics Portfolio evaluates your institution’s enrollment performance over the past decade, visualizes key drivers of growth and contraction, and quantifies the potential impact of three macroeconomic threats to your enrollment outcomes through 2035. The customized benchmarking reports provide a roadmap to help your institution align on realistic goals and place informed bets on enrollment strategy.

What does the Portfolio include?

Learn more about the different benchmarking reports that are part of the Enrollment Analytics Portfolio.

Enrollment Performance Review

This historical analysis reviews the enrollment performance of your institution as compared to nine competitor institutions. This resource helps institutions to:

  • Determine the competitiveness of their application volume growth
  • Help identify where the enrollment funnel is strong, and where it is under pressure
  • Inform strategic enrollment planning and evaluation

Are We Getting Back to Normal?

Population Benchmarks Appendix

This historical analysis provides a visualization of historical incoming classes make-up based on a variety of variables including race, gender, and full-time status among others. This comparative analysis also evaluates the incoming class relative to nine competitor institutions. This resource helps institutions to:

  • Offer enrollment intelligence vs. competitors
  • Contextualize shifts in the enrollment pipeline
  • Inform strategic enrollment planning and evaluation

Male Student Population

Undergraduate Enrollment Outlook

The Undergraduate Enrollment Outlook is an in-depth look at the drivers affecting an institution’s enrollment both historically and projected into the future. The Undergraduate Enrollment Outlook focuses on the effects of demographic decline, college going rate, and market share to tell the story behind the enrollment trends an institution is experiencing. Our enrollment experts embed the Undergraduate Enrollment Outlook into their conversations with partners to:

  • Identify past enrollment trends to inform future enrollment strategies
  • Contextualize threats to future enrollment
  • Assess market share growth comparative to other institutions in your top markets

Building A Baseline Future Enrollment Scenario

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