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Partner Service

Facilities Organizational Chart Assessment and Evaluation

Participate in EAB’s higher ed Facilities Organizational Chart Assessment and Evaluation to audit your unit’s current structure and compare it with peer institutions.

Many senior Facilities officers are considering changes to their organizational charts, but lack visibility into what makes different org models effective. EAB can offer guidance on possible changes, based on global trends and direct comparisons with peer institutions.

Service in Brief

  • Submission

    Facilities leader submits their current and proposed Facilities organizational chart, including any relevant redesign goals

  • Evaluation

    Research team compares proposal to other institutions, evaluating reporting relationships, span of control, functional oversight by leader, and hierarchy

  • Recommendations

    Facilities leader receives feedback and recommendations to ensure they are moving to the most efficient structure possible

Institutions will receive a custom report within six weeks that details the strengths and opportunities for improvement in their current or proposed organizational chart. The report also includes links to peer organizational charts and supporting research from EAB.