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Financial Performance Collaborative for Provosts

EAB’s Financial Performance Collaborative will help you safeguard future spending or fund emerging priorities through resource allocation savings.

Higher education has seen its fair share of disruptions and crises in the past decade. In the midst of responding to an ever-changing environment, it is easy to overlook basic hygiene necessary to ensure good stewardship of academic and administrative resources. Without periodic review and financial health checks, institutions are expending resources in ways that may have once made sense but are no longer aligned with the needs and priorities of the day.

Challenges to making progress

  • Program assessment goals are misunderstood and conflated with program prioritization cuts, leading to a needlessly political process
  • Infrequent program assessment leads to delayed and reactive decision making
  • Efficiency opportunities are often overlooked among programs with strong enrollments

Typical program prioritization efforts focus too heavily on cutting programs and immediately draw the skepticism of faculty. We need a better way to comprehensively monitor and manage the health of our program portfolio.


Chief Academic Officer

Public University

About the collaborative

EAB’s Financial Performance Collaborative will help you identify opportunities to recapture savings from areas that are typically overlooked in conversations about resource allocation. This is critical in financially tough environments but is no less important in periods of stability where these savings can help you safeguard future spending or fund emerging priorities.

EAB’s new collaborative experience will help you:

  • Build confidence & motivate change on critical campus priorities with step-by-step guidance through essential analyses
  • Expand your skills and capacity with 1:1 expert coaching and project management support
  • Accelerate best-practice implementation in an expert-led format that allows you to focus on the most critical priority areas for your campus right now

Successfully implement continuous program review through four expert-led workshops and programs

  • 1. The Program Assessment Basics

    September 19, 2024


    Sample activities:

    • Determine your goals for program assessment
    • Identify stakeholders who will support the annual assessment process
  • 2. Establishing Your Metrics and Value Drivers

    October 15, 2024


    Sample activities:

    • Develop a program portfolio review rubric
    • Surface opportunities to revitalizelow-performing programs
  • 3. Realizing Academic Efficiencies

    November 14, 2024


    Sample activities:

    • Conduct instructional capacity analyses to surface opportunities not identified through traditional program assessment
  • 4. Refine Your Plan With Peer Insights

    December 12, 2024


    Sample activities:

    • Receive live peer feedback to improve your new annual program review plan
    • Troubleshoot challenges to change management

Learn more about the collaborative from our experts

How to participate

If you are interested in participating in the next cohort of our Financial Performance Collaborative, please fill out the form below. You can also contact [email protected] to learn more. Once we receive your request, we will be in touch with further details.

In the form, please nominate:

  1. An Executive Sponsor (ES): This person will offer leadership-level support and advice to the Implementation Leader as they lead the charge to implement new initiatives on campus. Suggested role: provost.
  2. An Implementation Leader (IL): This person will participate in the collaborative on your institution’s behalf. To benefit most from this experience, your IL is expected to come to every synchronous session of the collaborative and complete 30-60 minutes of work between each session. Suggested roles: associate or assistant provosts.

Your EAB Strategic Leader will be in touch with more information after you express your interest.