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Partner Service

Giving Page Audit for Higher Ed

EAB advancement experts will review your giving page and provide feedback to help you increase conversion rates and bring in more donor dollars.

A poorly designed giving page proves a surprisingly large roadblock to giving. Again and again, we’ve heard from higher ed advancement leaders that prospects visit their giving page but do not end up donating.

EAB’s Giving Page Audit identifies pain points that deter would-be donors from giving to your institution. It provides tailored recommendations based on best practice research to help increase giving conversion rates.

How to use this service

EAB experts will audit your giving page based on the following objectives:
  • Deepening engagement

  • Making a donation

  • Mobile giving and engagement

Within three to four weeks from request submission, partners will receive a detailed report that assesses the institution’s giving page, provides specific recommendations for improvement, and shares examples of best-in-class giving pages.